Franchise Friday: Becoming Mayor

Ever since I was younger, I remember spending so much time watching my parents play a variety of different city building/city simulation games. One of my earliest memories has to have been of my Dad playing the game A-train. While A-Train was primarily focusing on train transportation rather than city building its-self it was my first experience of any kind of simulation game. I don’t recall if I ever tried to play the game at all but I do remember watching others play it a lot.

Other than A-Train I have fond memories of watching my parents play Transport Tycoon before starting my own game where I became Mayor of Candy Town. I also have memories of watching my Dad play the early SimCity games. Although when I was playing I was still fairly young I didn’t really understand all of the mechanics of the game but the basics were all there.

Video from zirkoni88 via Youtube.

Fast forward a few years and I continued to play Transport Tycoon and SimCity here and there including the latest installment to the SimCity franchise from EA. I  did enjoy it, I just always felt that it was lacking something but could never quite put my finger on the specific thing that it was. While I did love being the mayor of my own little city I soon found that my city was needing more.

This is where Cities Skylines came into the picture. Newly released and with a fresh take on city building/city simulation games.

Initially, I wasn’t too sure just how well the game was going to be but soon enough I realized that Cities Skylines was the answer to what I felt was missing in the last SimCity. I felt that I was able to really understand what was missing from my city and what my citizens wanted. Being a lot older than when I first played SimCity I understood the features and how they benefitted the city. The added expansions bringing even more to the game which helped me develop my cities even more.  Overall though I loved being Mayor to one of my many cities on the game. I haven’t had a chance to yet but I’m looking forward to adding Industries and Campus to my game as well and to see how much more both expansions add and potentially change my main Cities Skylines save in the future.

Personally, I feel that city building/city simulation games will always have a place in the gaming world in some format whether that be on PC, console or mobile. It will also be interesting to see where this genre of the game goes in the future as well. I’m intrigued to see how and what Cities Skylines continue to do with the game over the coming months even years too.





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