The #PLAYWITHLIFE hashtag has been floating around The Simming community for a few days now and I’ve been torn between whether or not I wanted to write a little something. The more I found myself thinking about it and reading other player’s stories the more I wanted to write something.

I started playing The Sims somewhere around late 2000/early 2001. My Dad received a copy of the base game from a friend at work. I remember I use to sit and watch my Dad play until I had enough of an idea of how to play it myself and then sneak on the computer and play his save while he was at work. Needless to say, once I started playing “properly” I was hooked and now here we are nineteen nearly twenty years later and I’m still playing.

After all these years though, why am I still playing games from The Sims franchise?

There are many reasons why I still play The Sims. It holds a lot of memories from when I was growing up. It was a way for me to relax and I could let my creativity run wild and come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful homes for my Sims. This continued through the rest of The Sims era as well as The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. It really wasn’t until later on during The Sims 3 era that I really discovered just how large the game’s community actually is and it wasn’t until twenty-fifteen that I really started to get involved more and more with the Community and what an amazing community it is!

As for The Sims 4, it has been a way for me to relax, be creative and come up with even weirder and wonderful creations, create my own stories and experiences with endless possibilities. I can express myself through writing about The Sims or sharing screenshots of my game, uploading my creations to The Gallery and talking to others about The Sims. One thing that really stands out for me though when I think about the hashtag is that The Sims allows me to be who I want to be in so many different ways. There really are so many reasons why I #PLAYWITHLIFE and this is just some of them.

Do you or have you played any of The Sims games? Let me know why you #PLAYWITHLIFE in the comments!


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