Welcome to the Family

Today Nintendo announced the new Nintendo Switch Lite. This has come after weeks of rumors and speculation online about a new Nintendo Switch console coming soon and in fact, it is being launched on 20th September 2019 and will cost approximately $199.

Other than the new console being slightly smaller than the traditional Nintendo Switch the new Yellow and Turquoise coloured consoles look amazing and definitely feel like they are good colour choices for the new Switch Lite. They are also launching alongside an all-grey version of the console and a Special Edition Pokemon Sword and Sheild Nintendo Switch Lite too.

While visually the console looks almost identical one thing that is noticeable is that the Switch Lite does not include the detachable Joy-cons. As the console is primarily aimed at being only a handheld experience and not split between handheld and docked as we have already seen it does to a point make sense. However, it does make me wonder about how games that rely on having the detachable Joy-cons and their features will work.

Upon wondering the answer to my question, I took a look at the Nintendo Switch Lite page on Nintendo’s site where I found my answer. Games that utilize the Joy-cons features like the HD Rumble may not be available when using the built-in Joy-cons. However, you can pair a standard set of Joy-cons to the console and utilize all of the features that way. The only downsides I see to that is the additional purchases and cost. Not only would you need to purchase the Joy-cons but also another product to charge them like the Charging Grips. It would not surprise me if we see a bundle with Joy-cons and a standalone charging device in the future.

Now I’m really happy to see this new addition to the Nintendo Switch Family but it did get me wondering about the Nintendo 2DS/3DS family of consoles.

To my knowledge, Nintendo has not yet confirmed that the console Nintendo DS has reached the end of its time despite the focus being primarily on the Nintendo Switch as that is where the majority of games being released. There is still the odd game here and there released for the Nintendo 2DS/3DS. With the reveal of the Nintendo Switch Lite, it does make me wonder if we will have an announcement soon confirming this.

Overall, it is nice that we can now put the rumors and speculation about a new Nintendo Switch console behind us and look forward to the Switch Lite’s actual release in just over a couple of months. Personally, I am a little mixed about the new console and while I have a few concerns, I feel that they are outweighed by the positives.  Also, with the console coming out just in time for the Holiday Season and around some great game releases too I’m sure there will be some great deals for those who are interested in picking up a Nintendo Switch Lite.

To find out more about the Nintendo Switch Lite click here. You can also compare the Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo Switch Lite here.

Why not let me know what you think about the new Nintendo Switch Lite below?


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Family

  1. It’s a nice alternative if you wanted to buy a 3DS but preferred to play Switch titles. But it’s not big enough of a price difference for me to consider the Lite version over the full home console.

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    1. Oh definitely! The price is one thing that stood out to me for many reasons and that was one of them. It would not surprise me if we see the standard Nintendo Switch either drop in price slightly or have some really good deals alongside the Switch Lite in the next few weeks.

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