Welcome to Blaugust

During the month of August, I am going to be taking part in the festival of blogging event, Blaugust. The event itself has been running for a few years now but for me, this will be my first time taking part. I’m super excited to be a participant in this year’s event but before jumping into the event itself I wanted to write a quick little post to welcome everyone to this year’s event.

What is Blaugust?

Blaugust is described not only as a festival of blogging but also a chance to reignite the community, introduce some new faces, jump in and start your own blog or bring back an old blog, meet new friends and so much more.

What can you expect from me during Blaugust 2019?

As this is my first Blaugust I’ve decided to keep it simple and stick to my normal weekly uploads based around the theme’s mentioned below. Franchise Friday & My Month In Gaming posts will still be happening as normal too. Essentially there will be at least six new posts coming during the Blaugust period. Of course, I’m hoping to sneak some bonus posts out during this time too.

This first week essentially is a week to prepare our content for the coming weeks. Get yourself organized and mingle with others who are taking part in Blaugust as well. I have started to work on a few post ideas for Blaugust and even have some for the coming months as well. I do have a terrible habit of not really preparing posts too far in advance but more I’ll sit down and write them there and then. This is actually a habit that I’m trying to improve upon and I’m slowly starting to get there.

For each of the weeks, there is a theme that you can base and inspire your content on but you are not limited to that one particular topic. You can create as much or as little content as you want. It really is down to what works best for you and your blog.

Here’s a little look at the themes for Blaugust 2019.

Overall I am really looking forward to the next few weeks blogging wise. I’m feeling really positive about some of the ideas I’ve got and I can’t wait to share them once they are ready. I’m also looking forward to seeing what another Blaugust participant’s come up with too. There are already some great posts out there by many of the participants which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading over the past few days.

You can find out more about Blaugust over on Belghast’s blog here. You can also follow the #Blaugust hashtag over on Twitter here so that you don’t miss out on any Blaugust blog posts!

Happy blogging!


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