Get To Know Me

This weeks theme for Blaugust is all about getting to know the blogger behind the blog. For me, this isn’t something that I’ve really ever blogged about or that I’ve felt I am very good at but I will give it my best shot.

Firstly, I’m Krista and I live in a little coastal town on the South Coast of the UK.

I was first introduced to video games at a young age. Probably around the age of four or five years old. The first video games I can clearly remember playing was an educational Noddy video game that I played for countless hours as well as several other education videos games. However, I use to spend time watching my Dad and his brother play a variety of PlayStation and Nintendo Games as well as several PC games. My love for video games became clear when I was around the age of ten when Pokemon was the biggest craze ever at the time and the world had also been introduced to The Sims and in all honesty, things just went from there.

While I grew up around PlayStation’s and various Nintendo consoles, it wasn’t until about two-thousand and seven that I finally decided to explore what Xbox had to offer. I’ve never found myself purely drawn to one particular console and have always swapped between a variety of console.

Fast forward a few years and an ever-growing gaming collection (and backlog) and here I am now writing about the things I love.

I originally started blogging back in twenty-sixteen under a different name which I stuck with for about a year before deciding to take a break. During that time I realized how much I missed writing about the things I love and eventually returned to blogging as LeeksEverywhere. Although I created this blog to write about video games and technology, I’ve always got plans to write about movies, music, and tv-shows amongst other topics too. Needless to say, I’ve loved every moment of it so far and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

I guess you could say that is a very quick overview of me and my history with video games. However, here are a few random facts about myself.

  • I once appeared on the CBBC show Xchange when I was about fourteen as an extra.
  • I’m ambidextrous although I primarily write left-handed.
  • Two of my favorite video games are Pokemon Gold/Heart Gold and Final Fantasy XV.
  • I use to be a dancer and regularly danced at competition level.
  • After I stopped dancing I took up trampolining for a few years.
  • You Me at Six, Panic at the Disco and Against the Current are just three of my favorite bands/artists.
  • I can play guitar and piano although it has been a while since I’ve played either instrument.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post for this week’s Blaugust theme. I can’t believe we are approaching week three already for Blaugust!

You can find out more about Blaugust over on Belghast’s blog here. You can also follow the #Blaugust hashtag over on Twitter here so that you don’t miss out on any Blaugust blog posts!

Happy blogging!


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