EGX 2019: What I am Looking Forward To

EGX 2019 kicks off tomorrow at the Excel in London and while I’m not attending the opening day I am going to be attending the event on Friday with my brother! For both of us, it is the first time we are attending the main EGX event. We have both previously attended EGX Rezzed for the past few years.

Currently, I am a mixture of being excited but also a bit nervous but that is more to do with the travel side of things more than anything else.

I have a bit of an idea about what to expect from the event but at the same time, I don’t. There will be so much to see in just one day that I’m not sure where either of us will want to begin but I know we will want to try and explore as much of the event as we can with the time we have. There’s also another couple of places that we want to visit while we are in London too!

While I’m excited to explore the various merchandise stands (and promptly spend all my money) I also can’t wait to explore the show floor and try out as many games as I can.

I’m excited to take a look at the many games being showcased at EGX including the brand new Pokemon Sword & Sheild, Daemon X Machina, Concrete Genie, Final Fantasy VII Remaster and many many more! Not only that I’m looking forward to taking a look at some of the other zones including the Developer Sessions, Rezzed Zone, Retro & Tabletop Zones, Speed Running Zone and also taking a quick break at EGX After Hours before heading back to Waterloo Station.

If I’m totally honest, I’m looking forward to everything EGX will have to offer. I know that it won’t be completely possible to see absolutely everything but I want to try and experience as much of the event as I can.

I’ll be posting about my adventure throughout the day over on my Instagram and also Twitter so be sure to check them out!

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