Album Review: Babymetal – Metal Galaxy

Today’s post is something a little different and something that I’ve wanted to do for a little while now and something I hope to continue periodically going forward.

BABYMETAL is the Japanese band made up of Su-Metal and Moametal whose music is a mixture of J-pop and Metal or as it is more commonly known as Kawaii Metal.

The recently released album, Metal Galaxy is BABYMETAL’s third studio album and follows on from their twenty-sixteen album Metal Resistance and their debut album, BABYMETAL which was released in twenty-fourteen. BABYMETAL has also released two live albums, Live at Budokan: Red Night (2015) and Live at Wembley (2016).

The Western version of Metal Galaxy contains fourteen tracks with the Japanese edition containing sixteen tracks. The tracklist is as followed:

  • DA DA DANCE ft Tak Matsumoto
  • Elevator Girl – English Version
  • Shanti Shanti Shanti
  • Oh! MAJINAI – ft Joakim Broden
  • Brand New Day ft Tim Henson & Scott LePage
  • Night Night Burn!
  • Distortion ft Alissa White-Gluz
  • PA PA YA!! ft F-HERO
  • Kagerou
  • Starlight
  • Shine
  • Arkadia
  • BxMxC – Japanese Exclusive Track
  • ↑↓←→BBAB – Japanese Exclusive Track

You can listen to the UK edition of Metal Galaxy over on Spotify here. You can also find the two Japanese Exclusive tracks over on YouTube.

Now originally I was going to go through track by track and talk about each one. I then realized that this post would probably end up a lot longer than initially intended. Instead, I’ve decided to take on more of an overview approach to this review.

It took two or three times of listening to the album in full before I really got a feel for it.  Some of the songs like Distortion, Starlight, PA PA YA!!, Elevator Girl and Shanti Shanti Shanti were released prior to the album’s release and I knew that I already enjoyed listening to all of these songs.

The first time I heard Shanti Shanti Shanti was when BABYMETAL performed it at this years Glastonbury Festival. I really liked how the two different styles were incorporated together to create the song and it looks like such a great song to see performed live too.

As for the rest of the album, prior to its release, I knew we would be in for a surprise.  Future Metal, which is the first song on the album is a nice introduction to Metal Galaxy and while it doesn’t contain many lyrics it prepares you for entering the World of BABYMETAL.

Starting with DA DA DANCE I instantly found myself dancing along to it and as it was displayed at BABYMETAL’s Metal Galaxy Release Show at The Forum it really is a great song to open up a show and get people moving. Oh! MAJINAI is another song that I’ve now found myself singing along to and I love the pirate metal influence that the song has as well. It is definetly a song that is repeated several times a day.

Brand New Day and Night Night Burn fit perfectly in the middle of the album. Both songs took a good few listens to get into but both flow nicely together and almost conclude the first half part of the album.

IN THE NAME OF begins the latter part of the album and is definetly one of the heavier songs on the album. For me feels like a follow on from BABYMETAL DEATH and along with FUTURE METAL the openings for the Metal Galaxy era.

I have to honestly say that the second half of the album is probably my favorite. After kicking off with IN THE NAME OF you head into the darkness with Distortion. Out of the songs released prior to Metal Galaxy’s release (and keeping in mind that this song originally came out over a year before the album), it is still very much one of my favorite songs.

Next up is PA PA YA!!

What can I say about this song other than I hope you are ready to dance and sing along to it.

Kagerou and Starlight each take on a slightly slower approach compared to other songs on the album but each continuing the journey into the Metal Galaxy.

Shine and Arkadia are two songs that really do stand out to me on the album. Not only do they go hand in hand together perfectly but they are also a brilliant choice to complete our journey in the Metal Galaxy. While Shine is the slower of the two, the introduction to the song, the acoustic guitar that leads into the main portion of the song all come together beautifully. Arkadia feels right at home bringing the album to a close. It really does make you wonder where in the Metal Galaxy BABYMETAL will take us next but I guess Only The Fox God Knows.

Overall the album incorporates many different styles and influences into each song which helps make each and every song unique. There really isn’t a song that I dislike to the point where I will skip over it every time but you can certainly tell there are songs that I’ve had playing more frequently. I am looking forward to seeing a selection of songs from Metal Galaxy played live when BABYMETAL tour the UK & Europe early next year!


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