Overwatch 2 Reveal Thoughts

This past weekend saw the reveal of Overwatch 2. While this came as a surprise for some I was somewhat skeptical as there had been a few rumors of its pending announcement appearing on Twitter. With the rumors circulating and BlizzCon fast approaching I promised myself to not believe or get excited about any information if I came across it.

Luckily I somewhat forgot about BlizzCon and the rumors and was honestly surprised when I saw a text from my boyfriend while I was at work telling me about Overwatch 2 was happening and that the cinematic they played first was amazing.

Now, I always knew there would be an Overwatch 2 at some point but as to when or what I would like to see I was never really sure. However, with what was revealed at BlizzCon I am excited and intrigued to see how the features mentioned will be like once the next installment is released.

I was blown away by the opening cinematic and even felt a tiny bit emotional during parts of it. It really was the perfect way to kick off the announcement of Overwatch 2.

As for what we know so far about Overwatch 2, I feel that there is a good mixture of content coming. Story Mode and Hero Missions, Hero talents and of course new Heroes too. New game modes including Push and a new Deathmatch mode as well as plenty of new locations to explore. I’m glad that progress and cosmetics from Overwatch will move over to the new game as well as those playing the first Overwatch will be able to experience the new maps and hopefully one or two more features.

Although there is no confirmed release date as of yet I’m looking forward to following the development of Overwatch 2 and seeing how it unfolds.


2 thoughts on “Overwatch 2 Reveal Thoughts

  1. Loved this post 🙂 I’ve seen a lot of people online complain that it should have just been an update, but I disagree. They have been providing so much substantial post-launch content all for free, with micro transactions that aren’t really in your face. I never felt the need to buy loot boxes as you get quite a few through progression every week. I’ll definitely be buying this as I want to support them, they need to make money, they can’t keep spending money and man-power giving us years of free content. Also as you said, the original Overwatch will still get some of the new features like heroes and maps. I cannot wait to see how the second game turns out.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve seen a few comments about the reveal but there is still so much to be shared with the community as the game progresses through development. Lootboxes I have bought a few times here and there but that was when there was a seasonal event on. I’ve never felt forced to buy them. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until we get our first development update. 😀

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