Dear Game Freak

Late on Saturday evening, I noticed that the hashtag “Thank You Game Freak” was trending on Twitter. Being intrigued as to why it was I went ahead clicked on it. I started to read all the number of reasons why people were thankful for Game Freak.

Seeing the trending topic got me thinking about my own experience with Game Freak’s games over the years and it really has been a journey. I didn’t know how to put some of my thoughts into words other than in the form of a letter. Well kind of like a letter.

Game Freak,

I know that the world may seem to be full of negativity in a variety of ways but, there is always so much positivity that outweighs that. I wrote this little letter to say thank you.

Thank you for countless hours of exploring a variety of worlds. From every village to every city and everything in between.

Thank you for the late nights trying to complete the next part of my Pokemon adventure when I should’ve been sleeping ready for school (and work) the next morning.

Thank you for keeping me company on numerous car journeys.

Thank you for being there for me through the tough times in life and the best times in life.

Thank you for helping make new friends across the world.

Thank you for creating a video game franchise that I have been able to share my experiences with other family members and friends on numerous occasions.

Thank you for the countless Pokemon games both new and old that hold so many incredible memories for me.

There are so many things that I am grateful for because of Game Freak and the Pokemon games. They have helped shape my childhood and even now are still some of my favorite games to go back and replay. With Pokemon Sword and Sheild’s release just days away, I am excited to dive in and experience a whole new adventure and on a new platform too!

Thank you Game Freak!


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