Let’s Rewind: November

I’ll be honest, I’ve kind of had the blog sat on the sidelines this past month. While I’ve still been posting, I’ve been working on somethings behind the scenes as well as starting to plan some of the things I want to work on in the New Year. I’ve also been taking it easy as we head into December as it is going to be a pretty busy month in the run-up to Christmas.  That being said I’ve only really played a couple of games over the past month. I’ve jumped into one or two others but not as much as the two I am about to talk about below.

The Sims 4 Discover University

I have really been enjoying exploring the world of Britechester in this new expansion pack. I’m still very slowly getting through my Sims degree but I’ve trying to make sure I discover every part of the pack. I just need to figure out how to join the Secret Society next. Overall though I have been enjoying the Discover University expansion pack. While there seem to be a couple of bugs/glitches here and there I’m sure they will be addressed in an upcoming pack.

It has been a while since I last properly dived into one of The Sims University themed expansion packs. I played bits of The Sims 3 University but not as much as I played The Sims 2 University. It has honestly been refreshing to play The Sims 4, especially with the new expansion. I’ve got so many ideas currently for both builds to create as well as gameplay-wise with my current Sims family that I’m actually loving playing again for more than an hour or so here and there.

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Sheild

I was honestly very mixed about what to expect in the latest installment of the Pokemon games. Yet here I am pleasantly surprised and happy with my experience of the game so far. I’ve not long completed the third Gym but I’ve been taking my time to explore what is available to me and also spend some time in the Wild Area. Unlike the past few Pokemon Games, I’ve not found myself getting bored quickly but I’m actually wanting to play and become the next Champion. There are a few things I’ve noticed along the way that I miss and would have like to have seen added into this game but I don’t miss them enough that it affects my experience with the game.

My aim with this game is to actually complete the Pokedex once I become the Champion as well as doing some Shiny hunting. In fact, I have never caught a Shiny in any of the Pokemon games although I am probably not trying hard enough to try and find any.

I will be posting my full review of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Sheild in the near future.

While this isn’t gaming related, I’ve been loving the songs Destiny and HIP by the K-Pop girl group MAMAMOO! In fact, I’ve been loving their new album reality in BLACK. I’ve had it playing on repat pretty much since it was released as well as many of their other songs too!

That’s it for November’s Let’s Rewind. While it has been a rather quiet month, I’m glad I took the time to relax as December is going to be pretty non-stop. I’m looking forward to the month ahead and everything it brings with it overall but also spending time with Family and Friends over the Festive period.


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