A Twenty-Five Year Adventure

Yesterday, PlayStation celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday and what a rollercoaster ride those twenty-five years have been.

Today’s post is not only celebrating PlayStation but a little bit of an insight into the journey I’ve had with PlayStation over the years.

My earliest memory of PlayStation must have been when I was around six or seven years old. Every Saturday evening I would watch my Dad and Uncle play racing games against each other. Sometimes I was allowed to play but I was never very good. Every now and then my Uncle would let us borrow his PlayStation for a little while so we could play some of the games he had. I don’t really recall many of the games he had but I remember spending a lot of time playing Pandemonium.

It wasn’t until about a year after the PlayStation 2 was launched that my family owned a PlayStation. I remember the day we got it clearly. I had been out with Family most of the day and my Dad had gone and picked it up as a surprise. We had Grand Theft Auto 3, Metal Gear Solid and one other game that came with the console. We added a few more games to the collection over time including a variety of Crash Bandicoot games, Spyro, Harry Potter, The Sims, Dogs Life, some more driving games and even Hardware Online Arena when it was released.

When my brother was a little bit older, we use to sneak downstairs early at the weekends to play on the PlayStation while our parents were still asleep. Most of the time we would play something like Spyro the Dragon, The Sims or similar. Sometimes I would play Grand Theft Auto 3 and just drive around for hours on end not really knowing what I’m doing.

When it came to the PlayStation 3, although my Dad and I upgraded to the console I’ve never felt like I really experienced what it had to offer or the variety of games available for the console. I only really had three or four games for it. Most of the games that we had for the console were really for my younger brother. This is probably because this was around the same time that the Nintendo Wii was released and at the time I was a lot more interested in Nintendo games than anyone else in my family.

We still have our PlayStation 3, still works too, well just about. I decided to get it out and dust it off a few years ago and boot it up.  While it powers on and seems to run fine, it was struggling with a lot of games. I did, however, pick up a second-hand PlayStation 3 which I had for a few months before trading it in at my local game.

As for the PlayStation 4, I can easily say this is the one Sony console I have spent the most time with. I’ve had mine for around two years now and I’d like to think I’ve got a nice collection of games, both physically and digitally to keep me going for a while. When I picked up my console, I bought Horizon Zero Dawn and fell in love with the game. Spider-Man is another game I’ve really enjoyed playing (despite numerous rage quits). I’ve also rediscovered my love for The Sims 4 recently by starting to play a brand new save without using any cheats and with no temptation of needing to use mods and I’ve come across many little things I have forgotten about or never even knew about.

I have so many games I’m still to play on PlayStation 4 including, Persona 5, the rest of Kingdom Hearts 3, Ni No Kuni II, various Final Fantasy games and so many more digital games to choose from than I can honestly count. That’s not including all the other games I want to try as well.

The PlayStation family of consoles hold many memories for me. From playing games with my family to pushing myself to finish so many incredible stories and everything in between. I can’t say I’ve ever had a negative experience with PlayStation, only positive. I’m looking forward to the future of PlayStation and seeing not only what the PlayStation 5 will have to offer but also to discover so many more amazing games.

Happy Birthday, PlayStation!

2 thoughts on “A Twenty-Five Year Adventure

  1. I love how playstation holds so many memories for you, same goes for me and it’s so great to see how it can bring players together. Can’t wait to see what the PS5 is like! Xx

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