BABYMETAL Metal Galaxy World Tour

This past weekend, I took a trip to London to see BABYMETAL play the Eventim Apollo Theater with support from Creeper. This show was the last stop on their sold-out UK leg of their Metal Galaxy World Tour before the band returns to Europe and Aisa later this year. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen BABYMETAL. I saw them live at their Metal Resistance album launch concert at Wembley Arena back in twenty-sixteen and that was an incredible concert on its own.

The concert opened with Creeper who performed for around half an hour. I had heard of the band before but hadn’t really listened to much of their music in great detail. Considering I wasn’t sure what to expect, their set was really good and full of energy throughout. I’ve had their music on shuffle for the last couple of days and I’m really surprised with myself as to why I haven’t listened to them more before seeing them at the weekend.

After a short break and a quick run to the bar to grab something to eat and drink it was time for BABYMETAL.

BABYMETAL’s set was around an hour-long and contained twelve songs from across their three studio albums.

  • Gimmie Chocolate!!
  • Shanti Shanti Shanti
  • BxMxC
  • Kagerou (with Kami Band solo)
  • Megitsune
  • PA PA YA!!
  • Distortion
  • Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!
  • Road of Resistance (Encore)

From the moment the lights dimmed to welcome BABYMETAL to the stage the standing crowd was screaming and cheering and even up in the balcony where I was sat, we were the same. BABYMETAL always put on a show and while it was a more simple set up compared to their larger shows the girl’s stage presence, as well as the Kami Bands, was amazing. Vocals were on point and not a beat was missed. Everyone was singing, jumping, dancing, clapping and cheering throughout the show.

I felt like there was a good mixture of songs from all three albums and I was surprised when Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! started to play too. BxMxC which is originally a Japan-exclusive song was another surprise to see in the set but was also great to see performed live. PA PA YA!! had everyone up and jumping along whereas Gimmie Chocolate we were all singing along. Oh! MAJINAI was also another fun song that I think everyone sang along to as well.

I did pick up a couple of things from the merchandise stand. One being the Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy long-sleeved t-shirt (although it is more of a lightweight jumper) which is super cosy and also a flag with the BABYMETAL logo on it.

Overall both bands put on incredible performances which were enjoyable throughout. The crowd was full of energy from start to finish and I managed to get talking to a few people while queueing up as well as the people sat next to us who were all really friendly and talked about the different shows some they had been to for BABYMETAL previously and not just the UK or Europe based shows either!

If you haven’t heard of BABYMETAL or Creeper before, do check out their music and if you get a chance to go and see either of the bands live I would recommend going to see them.



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