A Final Fantasy Journey

I recently sat down and played the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo and absolutley loved it. I’ve never played the original Final Fantasy VII and it is something I really should do. It did, however, get me thinking about my own experience with the Final Fantasy games over the years.

My earliest memory of playing a Final Fantasy game has to be from when I was around eight to ten years old and we had a demo disc for either Final Fantasy VIII or Final Fantasy IX. I don’t really remember too much about it other than it was set in a science lab and I had to fight a boss of some sorts (I could be completely wrong on that point) but I do remember playing the demo numerous times until I eventually one day completed it.

It wasn’t until the last three years or so that I’ve started to get into the games properly. It started with picking up Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One as a spur of the moment purchase and it has just gone from there. I absolutley loved every bit of the main game and all the additional content for Final Fantasy XV. Looking back now, I feel it was a good way to introduce myself to the franchise especially as the game spurred on my curiosity of wanting to explore the other games in the franchise, learn more about the characters, the worlds every little aspect that I could.

Not long after I bought my PlayStation 4, I picked up Final Fantasy XIV Online. This game opened my eyes to the franchise even more and I realized just how much there was to all the different games. I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for just over two years now although I have moved over to the PC version of the game instead and I still find myself learning something new all the time.

Late twenty-eighteen and twenty-nineteen saw me expand my collection of Final Fantasy games a little bit more. These included Final Fantasy X & X2 HD Remaster, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD as well as World of Final Fantasy Maxima, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! I’ve slowly been working my way through them, learning more about the franchise as well as adding more games to the list of ones I also want to play in the future.

The order I’ve been playing the games in may seem a little bit backwards to many but I’ve set myself a little challenge to one day play through them all in order. It will take me a long time to do so but I know one day I’ll manage to do it.

I’m excited to explore and learn more about each of the games and the franchise as a whole. There’s still so much that I don’t know and I can’t wait to discover it!


3 thoughts on “A Final Fantasy Journey

    1. From what I’ve played so far I’m enjoying it. There’s a few parts where I’ve wanted to give up with the game altogether but I’ve stuck with it and I’m looking foward to seeing where the story goes 😀

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