Let’s Rewind: March

March has been a peculiar month for a number of reasons. What started off as a month celebrating family birthdays and achievements turned into a somewhat surreal moment in time for many of us across the world.  Despite what has been happening, I’ve been doing my best to stay positive and busy while at home. Whether that has been watching a mixture of Netflix and Disney+, reading or playing video games I’ve got plenty to keep myself occupied for the time being.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

The wait is finally over! It has felt like an eternity waiting for Animal Crossing New Horizons to be released but it has been worth it. Having played for several hours each day since launch, it’s been a game that has definetly been somewhat of an escape and also very relaxing at the same time. My Island is slowly taking shape. I’ve got five residents with a sixth moving in over the next couple of days and I now have the Abel Sisters Shop in the process of being built and I love being able to easily visit my friends to see how their islands are coming together too.

Why not take a look at my previous post, First Thoughts: Animal Crossing New Horizons here.

Final Fantasy XIV

I can’t really say that I’ve done a lot of Final Fantasy XIV lately other than levelling up a variety of the crafting jobs which to be honest I’ve found really relaxing to do in a bit of an odd way. Part of this is due to the Ishgardian Restoration and also exploring The Diadem and gathering materials from there. I’ve also been toying with picking up the Shadowbringers expansion since it is half price for another week or so but I’m not sure if I am ready to jump into the next part of the story or not as I still have plenty to do with the game at the moment.

Cities Skylines

I’ve always enjoyed playing Cities Skylines but I hadn’t played the game in months due to the game no longer being playable on my PC. I originally picked up the Mayor’s Edition on Xbox One during the Holiday/New Year Sales but hadn’t really booted it up until recently. Plus the addition of the recently released Sunset Harbor expansion has given me a reason to jump back in and build a brand new City.  I have to say, my current city is far from perfect but it’s taking shape. I’m trying to make sure I explore all aspects of the different packs in someway but right now I’ve mainly been focusing on Industries and Transportation but it seems to be working.

I’ve always enjoyed playing city simulation games, this is mainly because of watching and playing alongside my Dad when he would play Sim City and Transport Tycoon when I was younger. Now the genre is something both my Dad and I talk about a lot and Cities Skylines really brings a new perspective into city-building games.

My aim for the next few weeks is to continue playing Animal Crossing and Cities Skylines mainly. I might try and complete a couple of games from my backlog but I might also jump into Nier: Automata and start playing through that. I am looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake in just over a week but I’m undecided if I will purchase it at launch or not at the moment but it will be a game I’ll pick up at some point.

What games are you looking forward to playing?

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