Spring Cleaning My iPad

Every now and then I find myself staring at my iPad thinking what a mess it is. Apps everywhere, numerous ones I no longer use and some that I can’t remember why I downloaded them in the first place. Normally I would keep my home screen fairly organized but I think I can say that it is currently one big mess and I’m at the point where I want to delete all my apps and start over.

The iPad that I currently own is the iPad Pro 9.7 inch in Space Grey which I’ve had for nearly three years now and it was the perfect upgrade from my previous tablet. I had been using a couple of Android-based tablets prior to getting my current iPad. Generally, I use my iPad for Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, a couple of mobile games and a few blogging related things.

I’ll be honest though, over the last few months I haven’t been using my iPad as much as normal and for the most part, it sits on the side until it needed charging again. Having picked it back up and giving it a good charge I decided to give my iPad a bit of a Spring Clean. Something I can say I’ve put off for a little while.

This was the first of the two home screens I had on my iPad prior to tidying it up. To some people, this might seem okay but for myself, I like to try and have some kind of order to all the different apps I have downloaded.

After uninstalling a fair few apps I started to sort through the remaining ones and put them into more organised folders. I ended up breaking down my folders into the following categories to help manage my apps going forward.

  • Blogging & Social
  • Games
  • TV & Movies
  • Photos & Editing
  • Misc – iOS
  • Misc – Other

It didn’t take too long to sort through all the apps and reorganise them. My iPad looks a little bare now but it’s also a lot less messy than before. I went ahead and changed up the wallpapers I had set as well. It might not be too much of a change but I’m happy with the little Spring Clean I’ve given my iPad.

I’ll probably be spending some time over the next few days having a look at some new apps to add to my iPad both for blogging and just everyday apps and games. I would love to know if you have any apps you recommend to add to my collection!

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