Throwback Thursday: The PlayStation Vita

Every now and then I like to take a little look back at some of my posts from when I first started blogging about video games a little over four years ago. It’s always nice to sit and reflect on how far I’ve come over that time. I have left the post in its original state and I’ve made no changes to it either. I think this was one of the first ‘big’ posts that I actually wrote for my original blog back when I was still new to everything and trying to find out what worked best for me and my blog. I think it’s safe to say I’ve come quite a way since then.

Without further ado, today’s post is all about when I first got my Sony PlayStation Vita as well as some of the games in my collection.


I bought my PS Vita Boxing Day 2014 from my local GAME store. I had been considering getting one for a fair few months prior and decided why not go and get one. I bought it brand new and it came with the Adventure Mega Pack and I also bought Minecraft as an extra game. All together I paid around £160 or roundabout there.

I’m pretty sure I have some kind of love-hate relationship with my PS Vita. I loved playing my selection of games when I first got it. I played it near on every day for the first month or so that I had it and then it just sat on the shelf gathering dust. It was quite a few months before I actually switched it back on. After that, I would pick it up occasionally and play a bit of a game and then return it to its place on the shelf in favour of a different console.

Recently though I’ve been reaching for the PS Vita more and more. I’ve bought a small collection of games both physically and digitally and I’m really starting to enjoy playing my PS Vita again. The games that I am playing at the moment are Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, Crash Bandicoot and Don’t Starve. There are so many games I want to get and play. Games I wouldn’t normally go for, as well as having a list of classic games as well that I want to buy from the PlayStation Store. I think most of those games can wait for now though as I need to get through this collection of games that I already have.

What games have I got in my collection at the moment?

Digitally I have Lemmings, Crash Bandicoot, Don’t Starve and Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7. Physically I have more Lego games which are Marvel’s Avengers, Star Wars The Force Awakens and Lord of The Rings. These go alongside Terraria, Minecraft, Child of Light, Borderlands 2, Little Big Planet Marvel Super Hero Edition. Finally, the Adventure Mega Pack came with Tearaway, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Escape Plan and TxK.

The only real negative thing I have found with the PS Vita is the price of the memory cards. The 8GB memory cards start from £16 on Amazon compared to £25.99 on GAME. You can also get 4GB memory cards as well that I’ve seen cheapest at £19.99 brand new and also 16GB, 32GB and 64GB also available too from various retailers. A 64GB memory card sells for £85 on Amazon! If you don’t mind having a second-hand memory card I’ve managed to get a few 4GB ones from CEX approximately £8. It’s a shame that the PS Vita couldn’t use a Micro SD card but I’m guessing this was all in Sony’s plan for the PS Vita.

Overall though the PS Vita is a lovely little handheld console. I can’t fault that. It has a pretty wide variety of games available both new and old. The only thing I wish is that Sony paid a bit more attention to the console and not just push it to the side as much.

I’ll be one-hundred per cent honest and say I don’t remember the last time I played anything on my PlayStation Vita. It has to be a good twelve to eighteen months now. I still have all of the games I mentioned above plus one or two more. I did, however, lose a lot of my digital games from when I first got the console due to issues with my original account getting hacked but I’m not too worried that I lost them. The console itself is perfect for me. Does what it says it will do and has a variety of games I’ll play over time too.

Going forward, I am definitely going to be looking at trying out some more games for the PlayStation Vita. I’m just not sure which ones yet but if you have any recommendations do let me know!


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