The Collection Continues To Grow

I tend to find myself browsing the internet looking out for deals on a variety of Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games to add to my collection from time to time. A lot of the time I will come across a good deal but the timing just isn’t quite right, the product has gone out of stock or back up in price. However, I was a little bit lucky a few days ago and stumbled across some PlayStation 4 games at some great prices. I had a little look through the different games that were on sale and spotted four that I had been considering to add to my collection.

While I have played all of these games before either briefly via renting them or on another platform, I picked them up as I wanted to play through them again or play alongside friends on PlayStation 4.

Destiny 2 – £6.99

I grabbed Destiny 2 as a lot of my friends who I used to play with on Xbox One had either lost interest or moved on from Destiny 2. I’ve been wanting to get stuck into the game again recently as there is still so much I haven’t completed and I also need to play through the Shadowkeep downloadable content at some point too. It also gives me a chance to re-experience the story again from the start and try out new classes as well.

Anthem – £6.99

Anthem has come across as a bit of a mixed game since launch. I played it when it was first released but quickly fell out of love with it due to a number of issues I encountered.  While BioWare has acknowledged the community’s feedback since launch, it will be interesting to see what BioWare has been working on over the last few months to improve Anthem. Personally, I don’t think Anthem is a terrible game despite its flaws but I am quite looking forward to playing it again.

Mass Effect Andromeda – £7.99

I’ve always hopped in and out of playing games from the Mass Effect franchise but when I saw Mass Effect Andromeda for just £7.99 I knew it was a sign to pick up a copy and play through the story again. I got about three-quarters of the way through the story the first time I played and simply never got around to finishing it. I’ve somehow managed to avoid spoilers as to how it ends although I have a vague idea as to what could happen.

The Last of Us Remastered – £14.99

When I first bought my PlayStation 4 it was bundled with The Last of Us Remastered and another couple of games. At the time I didn’t know much about the game other than it was fairly popular. I gave it ago but just couldn’t get on with it for some reason. Over time I’ve found myself wanting to give it another chance especially with The Last of Us Part II only being a few weeks away now.

I know these games have been out for a while on PlayStation but I’m looking forward to playing through each of them again and also experiencing them with my friends again for the first time too!


4 thoughts on “The Collection Continues To Grow

      1. For sure. It certainly helped playing it in the final patched version which smoothed out a lot of the rough edges. Curious how you feel about anthem, have picked up nearly all of BW games since Baldurs Gate 2 original release but just felt wary about anthem


      2. I still have a lot of Bioware games I want to play at somepoint. I’m looking forward to giving Anthem another go at somepoint. I know there hasn’t been a lot that has changed since I last played but it will be interesting to see how I get on.

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