The Animal Crossing Diaries: Welcome To My Island

It seems somewhat hard to believe that this time two months ago, many of us were just about to start our next adventure with Tom Nook. For some of us, this was the first time we had met Tom Nook but for myself and many others, it was as if I was catching up with an old friend. I decided to go with a digital copy of the Animal Crossing New Horizons as many retailers had either reached their maximum number of pre-orders or were potentially unable to fulfil orders due to unforeseen circumstances. Normally I would like to have a physical copy of a game but this time around a digital copy was the best option.

With the game pre-loaded I waited excitedly until that moment where I could load up the game for the very first time.

I had thought about a variety of different names to call Island but for some reason, they either didn’t feel or sound right or they just sounded really tacky. I actually ended up using an Island Nam Generator to come up with my island name which is Minooo.

About Minooo

The Island of Minooo is located in the Northern Hemisphere where the native fruit is Cherries and the sister fruit is Pears. The Island is home to The Nook Family, Isabelle and Able Sisters as well as myself as the Resident Representative.

Currently, the following villagers live on the Island of Minooo:

  • Pinky
  • Jakey
  • Mott
  • Tammy
  • Maggie
  • Sprocket
  • Iggly
  • Rizzo
  • O’Hare
  • Drago

Each of these villagers helps bring Minooo to life with their personalities, constant workouts, singing competitions in the community plaza and the occasional Naruto run across the Island.

As for local amenities, you will find Nook’s Cranny, The Able Sisters, Minooo Museum, Campsite,  Dodo Airlines, Resident Services and several other traders who will visit Minooo throughout the week!

My Home

My home is located to the south of the island, not too far from the airport. Admittedly I didn’t really think too much as to where I wanted to place my tent/house when I first created my Island and while I did hate it a little to start with but I was determined to build up that area and make it feel homier over time. I know I could spend some bells and move it to a different part of the island but I actually kind of like where it is now.

My Thoughts So Far

I talked a little bit about my first impressions of Animal Crossing New Horizons a few days after the game came out (you can check that post out here) and since then I have to say I’ve still thoroughly been enjoying playing the game every day since. Creating and customising my island, coming up with new outfits to wear every day, visiting my friend’s islands and getting caught up with my villagers every day is still something I look forward to. Whether I only have a little bit of time spare or a few hours to sit and play, there is always something to do somewhere on my Island.

In some respects, I am taking it a little bit slower compared to other players as I’ve only added a couple of extra rooms to my home so far, haven’t built many inclines or bridges, and haven’t really been paying off my loan with Tom Nook that quickly but I’m okay with that. I’ve also seen some amazingly beautiful islands online and it really just shows just how much you can do to your own Island that it makes me wonder about how my Island will change over time as well.

I don’t really have anything negative to say about the game so far but one thing I would like to maybe see added is an easier way to buy multiples of the same item. For example, items purchased using Nook Miles but you can choose the specific amount you need rather than buying one at a time. Either way, it’s not something that really overshadows the game.

I wanted to sit down and write a full review of my experiences with Animal Crossing New Horizons, however, every time I went to write it up, it just didn’t feel right which is how The Animal Crossing Diaries were created. It leaves it open for me to be able to write more about my experiences with the game over time in a fun way.

Have you been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons? Let me know what you think of the game so far!

2 thoughts on “The Animal Crossing Diaries: Welcome To My Island

  1. I’ve always been fascinated about the diary idea of charting progress through a game but never have the patience to sit down and put my thoughts to digital paper. The game does look great and loved the museum art work link that was put in place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the curiosity of how it would work is what drew me to writing about the game in this way after so many failed attempts of trying to write it as a traditional review. Honestly, it is such a relaxing and refreshing game to play and I love the museum feature as well!


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