Kickstarter Project: Another Crusade

Another Crusade is the debut game from Dragon Vein Studios. Recently the team reached out to me and talked to me about the game and I was curious to find out more.

Now you might be asking yourself, but what is Another Crusade?

Another Crusade is described as an action-packed turn-based RPG. You will find aspects of a platformer game but experience battles where timing and strategy are essential!

The Story of Another Crusade

A war between humans and monsters was taking place not long ago to see which one was the ruler race. The Order of Light, founded for this same purpose, sent out groups of warriors to deal with the monsters, as this non human race is believed to hold a danger for mankind.

The war ended with the mightiest of dragons being defeated by a knight and its fellow companions.

After a week of this event, our protagonist, Rai, the knight and now dragon slayer, was about to take a well earned rest, when a meteorite came crashing just beside him. Over the horizon, barriers were being created in specific locations, one being on a town close to where Rai was.

Why are barriers appearing? Where did the meteorites come from? Are the monsters trying to reclaim the throne of the ruler race?

Rai, having his rest being crushed by a new menace, decides that it’s time to set out on an adventure again! – Dragon Vein Studios

Kickstarter Project

Another Crusade is currently available to support on Kickstarter and the campaign is going tremendously already! The team are well on the way towards their overall goal!

The page is regularly updated by the team and contains all the information you need to know from development updates, information about the team, their story and how they aim to use the funds raised via Kickstarter to help develop Another Crusade. You can also find out plenty of information about the different reward levels and how to support the game. You can even help design characters for the game as well as their dialogue or maybe even a Super Secret Boss!

About The Game

“Create your strategies, attacking, healing or defending, it’s your call!” – Dragon Vein Studios

Another Crusade is not your average role-playing game. It’s a game about strategies, timing, exploration, puzzle-solving and more! Take on battles against enemies and use your character’s weapons or magic to your advantage to take them down. Time it just right when you are in a battle and you may just deal some extra damage or protect yourself from taking damage. As you earn more experience points, you can level up your character and become more powerful, learn new skills and spells and increase your character’s health. You can also buy new items and armour that will aid you throughout the game in different ways.


There are currently two characters that have been revealed for the game who are Rai Reysend The Dragon Slayer and Niro Hielt who is The Harsh Mage. There are three more characters to join these current two adventures who will be revealed in the future.

Of course, no game is complete without enemies. You will encounter a variety of different enemies as you explore Another Crusade including Ogre Shaman, Grasshoppers, Little Owl, SpiderSkull, Toad Sage and Assassin Turtles.

Another Crusade Demo

Want to find out more? Then check out the demo for Another Crusade.

Simply head over to the Dragon Vein Studios website, download it and jump in!

Click here to download the demo

The game can be played with both a keyboard and mouse or by using a PlayStation or Xbox Controller.

My Thoughts on Another Crusade

When Dragon Vein Studios reached out to me about taking a look at Another Crusade, I was quite excited. The game is inspired by the Super Mario Role Playing Games, many of which I grew up experiencing for myself. After discovering there was a demo for the game I jumped straight in to take a look.

I spent a fair bit of time working through the demo for Another Crusade. I wanted to explore every part of the world and make sure not to miss anything. The first thing that caught my attention when starting the game was how calm and relaxing the music is. It felt somewhat dreamy. I was curious to find out more about what caused the meteorite explosions when you first start the demo.

I found it fairly easy to get started with the demo and with the on-screen prompts guiding you through the starting parts of the demo. I was intrigued to see how the battle system worked but it’s actually incredibly easy to follow and understand. Dealing the extra damage/defending yourself takes some getting used to with the varying timings of each enemy but after a handful of battles, I was starting to get the hang of it.

Finding your way around the game is straight forward and accessing features like your character’s inventory and applying upgrade points is simple too.

Overall I honestly think Another Crusade has great potential and I recommend anyone who is curious to find out what the game is all about to take a look at the demo. At this moment in time, I don’t have anything negative to say about the game’s demo but I was actually pleasantly surprised by what it had to offer and show. I found it a little bit strange using the I, J, K and M keys to start with but the more I played the more natural it gelt to use them.

I’m looking forward to keeping up to date with the development of the game over on Kickstarter and I can’t wait to see what else Dragon Vein Studios have planned for the game!

Find out more about Another Crusade via the links below!

Another Crusade is planned to be released in late 2021.

Please note that Another Crusade is a work in progress and some features mentioned in this post may not be a part of the final game. Information stated in this post is correct at the time of publishing.

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