Let’s Talk: Krista vs Streaming

Today’s post is a little more personal compared to my normal posts but it’s something that has been on my mind a little bit lately and that is my relationship with streaming. Now relationship might not be quite the right word but it was the one that I felt was closest to how I feel about my experiences with Streaming.

I’ve been interested in streaming a variety of different games over the past couple of years and even dabbled in here and there a handful of times. I also tried my hand at creating some YouTube videos based around The Sims 4 earlier this year but that came to a halt when I ran into a handful of technical issues when streaming and also editing on my computer.

Without letting that stop me, I decided to stream some games directly from my PlayStation 4.

The first game I streamed from my PlayStation was Fortnite. In fact, it has been the only game that I’ve streamed recently. I felt it would be an easy and fun way to get used to streaming directly from my PlayStation 4. I enjoyed streaming and stuck to playing Fortnite and the next handful of streams but there was something missing still. Something that didn’t feel quite right.

I was and still am too nervous to talk.

The thing is, I was sat there with my headset on ready to go but as soon as someone joined I would feel all embarrassed and keep my headset muted. I tried to just chat to myself when there were no viewers but I felt incredibly awkward and had built up this expectation of how things should be based on streams that I had personally watched over time.

I guess you could say I just lack the confidence and the nerves come as part of that but it’s something I want to overcome and feel confident and comfortable doing. I enjoyed the times I streamed and it’s something I’d like to do more of in the future. I want streaming to be something that is fun and exciting, not something that makes me feel uncomfortable. I know that will be something that will come with time as well.

I’ve got an idea of a few games I’d love to play on Stream but I guess I’m looking for some advice for someone who is pretty much still a beginner in the world of streaming on Twitch.

If you do have any tips or tricks let me know below in the comments or over on Twitter!


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Krista vs Streaming

  1. I’m in the same streaming boat, haha. I’ve never been brave enough to go live yet, but knoe I’m not at all good with verbal communication. Someday I will try!

    Good luck to you! 😁


  2. One i came in to read bc i saw my name spelled with a K and that never happens lol but I feel you on the streaming. It took me a while to get use to this but it really made it easier by streaming/playing a game with someone who brings out your best in chat. My brother and SO are the best for me to stream/game with bc the natural chatter and call out work so you almost forget the camera is on but not too much to talk to chat. Just keep at it and it will get smoother and smoother for you.


    1. I’ve been playing a lot of games with friends and my partner lately to help build that confidence back up and get use to chatting while playing. It’s working slowly but surely which is great. The next step will be to actually stream and go from there.

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