Let’s Talk: Xbox Series X

Originally I wasn’t planning on writing a post this week but with the recent news about the Xbox Series X, I decided I wanted to talk about a few thoughts about it. While PlayStation is still to make their announcement, it is only a matter of time before we find out their release date and pricing. I imagine it will be soon though.

The announcement from Xbox really got me thinking about the next generation of gaming. With everything that has happened so far this year, knowing the release date makes it feel a bit more real. The release has been on the cards for a while now but now the excitement can really set in. Although it was later discovered that the release date wasn’t supposed to be revealed until this coming week, I feel that Microsoft handled the leaked information well all things considered.

I was somewhat surprised at the price of both the Xbox Series X/Series S. I was expecting the Xbox Series X to come in around the £600 mark but seeing the actual pricing made it seem a lot more realistic. I have been planning on trading in my current Xbox along with a few games to help towards the price of upgrading.

I’ve always preferred owning physical games but looking at my own collection and the way it’s grown as well as many games being available via Xbox Game Pass more and more of my collection is becoming digital. Which now leaves me torn as to which edition to go with. I still have a lot of physical games that I still want to work through that I know I’ll be keeping but more recently I’ve found myself opting for digital games instead. I guess this is where I really need to sit down and take a look at the specifications in a bit more detail.

As for games I’m very excited to check out Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, and Cyberpunk 2077 to name a few. Yet while these will be available on current generation consoles I’m looking forward to seeing how they play on the next generation of consoles. Of course, there are many games I can’t wait to check out!

There’s still just over a week before you can pre-order the new Xbox Series consoles and I’m going to use that time to figure out which console will be best for my partner and me.

Are you planning on getting the new Xbox Series X/S or are you planning on picking up the PlayStation 5?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Xbox Series X

  1. I totally get the physical vs digital fight. I dont like the clutter of games and where to put them bc really i dont want them to be seen. But on the side of going on digital it always freaks me of something crashing, the backup crashing and the back up to the back up crashing and all is lost lol yes it could be rare but happening one time out of the blue has me spooked since. I may not look into the newest console bc well since i finally built my pc a year ago i barely touch the xbox 1 and the kids use it sparingly.


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