Let’s Rewind: October

Well, October has really been a month where I’ve felt all over the place. Real-life has been hectic along with working on blog related odds and ends and another project or two that I’m hoping to share again soon. However, amongst everything I’ve somehow managed to squeeze in time to sit down and play a few different games.


Although I’ve not played much, I wanted to jump back in and play this year’s Halloween event. Considering it has been a little while since I last played, I wasn’t as terrible as I thought I would be but again I’m not normally that good anyway. It was good fun jumping back into the chaos and I’ve been playing a little bit every few days just to help with leveling up a bit more. I’ve also just unlocked the Halloween D.Va skin after trying for so the past few days! It’s nice to see that she finally has her own Halloween event skin now too.

Pokemon Shield

Ahead of The Crown Tundra expansion that was released last week, I challenged myself to complete the Isle of Armor expansion and while I made good progress, I haven’t quite got there. I jumped back to the main story to do a little bit more there before returning to the Isle of Armor. I did find a good thirty or so Diglett on my travels so that’s just a few less to find now.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this would be a game that I enjoyed however, I was wrong. Despite the emotional rollercoaster I actually had loads of fun. I still have a few things to learn when it comes to figuring out which kind of ghost it could be but I’ll get the hang of it soon.

You can check out my review for Phasmophobia here!

The Sims 4

With The Sims 4 Snowy Escape due to be released in a few weeks, I thought it was a good time to jump back in-game and create a new Sim/family ready so I can explore the new pack once it’s been released. The trailer for the new expansion has got me really excited and I can’t wait to explore the new world but for now, I’ll be exploring the worlds of Evergreen Harbor and Britechester!

I’m honestly surprised at how I’ve managed to fit in everything this past month and November is shaping up to be just as busy! With the next-generation consoles within reach and several brand new games being released, I know for sure it’s going to be a busy time. I’m looking forward to playing Watch Dogs Legion which I’m going to be renting from Boomerang Games as well as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered, Spider Man Miles Morales, and more!

What games are you looking forward to playing?



6 thoughts on “Let’s Rewind: October

  1. Good to see someone else Halloween Overwatching – I hadn’t tried Overwatch until the free event on Switch a few weeks ago which got me hooked and encouraged me to pick up the game. I think it’s hitting all the same notes that TF2 did for me for years.


    1. I was actually surprised at how well Overwatch plays on the Nintendo Switch! I play mainly on PC when it behaves. That’s one of the reasons why I picked it up initially was because it reminded me of when I used to watch my brother play TF2.

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  2. I hadn’t played Overwatch in about 5 months before picking it back up for the halloween event. I was a bit rusty but I somehow managed to get play of the game as trusty Zenyatta (he’s my favourite hero) in one of the first rounds I played. I’m currently playing Trails of Cold Steel IV at the moment.

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    1. I must admit, it’s been a while since I last played and I was the greatest in my first few matches as D.Va but got there eventually. I do jump in and play as Zenyatta from time to time when I play as a healer but that’s really not too often. I’ve seen a lot about Trails of Cold Steel IV and I’ve been thinking of taking a look at it soon.

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      1. I have played the others but not to a great extent. My brother has played them so most of my knowledge of the games come from watching him play over time.


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