What’s On My Netflix Watch List?

This year, especially these last few weeks I’ve added so many new films, television shows, and documentaries to my Netflix watch list. I had been making some slow and steady progress with watching everything I had previously added but with my list continuing to grow more and more almost every day, I can no longer say that I know when I’ll reach the end of it. I’ve noticed that I’ve got such a large variety of different things on my list and it’s exciting as there will always be something to watch regardless of what kind of mood I’m in. This is just for Netflix, we won’t talk about all the things I want to watch on Disney+!

Here’s a glance at some of the many additions on my Netflix watch list.


Spirited Away

Enola Holmes

Ready Player One

Over The Moon

Kiki’s Delivery Service


Emily In Paris

The Crown

Sister Sister



Miss Americana Taylor Swift

League of Legends Origins

Expedition Happiness


BLACKPINK Light Up The Sky


I still many more films, documentaries, and television shows on my list but if I was to list them all who knows how long this post would be. There are a couple of films on this list that are ones I want to rewatch again and again because I enjoy them a lot but most of those mentioned I’ve never seen before.

What are you watching on Netflix at the moment?


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