The Animal Crossing Diaries: Feeling Festive

Animal Crossing has been somewhat of a saving grace over the last few weeks. While life has seemed even more hectic than normal I always found myself coming back to my Island. I’ve actually spent some time tidying up a few areas of my island, adding in a new pumpkin patch, and relocating a lot of my fruit trees as well. I also finally finished laying a lot of the pathways that I’ve been meaning to do for months too.

Turkey Day arrived on my Island and I was a little late starting the event so only had a little time to try and complete it but in all honesty, I did pretty much fail it as I ran out of time but it’s okay as what I did play through was fun. It was cute seeing all of my villagers getting involved and it made me feel excited to see what they got up to for Toy Day.

Of course, Toy Day was a huge success on my Island as well and festivities were well on the way when I joined in the fun too. I loved meeting Jingle and helping deliver gifts to my villagers. Admittedly I was falling asleep while helping deliver presents but I managed to deliver all the ones I could before falling asleep. I did however forget to hang my own stocking in my house though but I had a little gift from a friend awaiting me when I loaded up on Christmas Day which was really sweet.

Island live overall has been pretty relaxing and fun over the last few weeks. Beau also recently moved to Minoo after Rizzo decided to embark on some new adventures. I’ve had some great fun with the new emotes and generally just taking photos as well.

I still have some more tidying up to do in a few places on my Island but next, I will be getting ready for some New Years Celebrations later this week!


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