New Year New Adventures

Now that we are a few days into twenty-twenty one, I managed to spend a little bit of time reflecting on the previous year. All the good, bad, ugly and questionable moments. I won’t lie, the year as a whole was challenging for everyone in a variety of different ways. Many of us adapting to a new kind of normal that seemed horrible to start with but started to get a little easier with time.

Throughout the past twelve months, I always found the video games and blogging communities immensely helpful, understanding and welcoming. Even more so recently. It became a bit of an escape from reality but also somewhere I felt safe and could be me. There have been times where it’s felt overwhelming and I’ve found myself lurking in the background of these communities but those moments are outweighed by the positive interactions I’ve had.

My friends and everyone who I have interacted with, you are all amazing and incredible. I’ve loved reading your blog posts and watching countless videos and streams. I can’t wait to see what content you work on this year!

Overall the past year, regardless of how surreal it has been, it has allowed me to explore a number of games, invest more time in writing (both blog content and other projects), make new friends, become more involved in some of my favourite game’s communities and so much more. I experimented with creating YouTube videos and streaming on Twitch, I’ve written about topics I never thought I would write about, I’ve taken chances with some of the content I’ve created and I’ve loved every second of it.

Looking back at the goals I set myself last year, I can say that I’ve achieved all of my goals in some way. Some I’ve done better than others but each and everyone has seen some good progress. As for this year, I want to set myself some more goals. They’re not so much resolutions but just things I want to work on step by step throughout twenty-twenty one.

  • Continue to work through the ever-growing backlog.
  • Engage and talk with other bloggers on a more regular basis.
  • Don’t be afraid to create content that is different. If it makes you happy, write about it and share it!
  • Get back into reading.
  • Be happy!

While these are similar to my goals for last year, they still feel relevant for the upcoming twelve months. I have a few more goals that are a bit more personal that I will be working on throughout the year as well. As for the backlog, well, that is already off to a great start (looks over to the pile of new games stacked on the corner of the desk) but I’m determined to try and make some kind of dent in that this year

Thank you again to everyone who has supported not only my blog but also myself over the past twelve months. I really do appreciate your continued support. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Krista x


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