My Favourite Animal Crossing YouTubers

In my last blog post, I talked a little bit about the Animal Crossing community and one of the aspects I mentioned was the community over on YouTube. I was initially was looking for some information about one of the in game events and pretty much ended up going down the rabbit hole for a few hours discovering all kinds of different content. Now, I knew there were people making content about Animal Crossing New Horizons on YouTube, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to see the sheer variety of content that there was.

Since discovering so many new accounts, I wanted to share some of my favourite ones that I’ve been watching lately.


Katie on Calla Cove

Mochii Gaming

Haruchi create



There are so many Animal Crossing content creators out there that I wanted to share in this post however, I would be here all day listing each and every one of them. Every creator brings their own unique vibes and style to their videos, and I’m forever inspired by their content.

Whether it is an island tour, tips and tricks, villager hunt or just a chilled out and relaxing video about decorating an aspect of an island there are so many videos out there from so many creators to watch.

Who are some of your favourite Animal Crossing content creators?


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Animal Crossing YouTubers

  1. I love Animal Crossing and have my own insta account for my island but dont really get involved in the community and never thought to watch youtubers but i defo need to!

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