Mod Review: The Sims 4 Fashion Store Kit

I’ve got something a little different to share today, and it’s all about a brand-new fan made Kit for The Sims 4. Now, Kits are a new pack type recently revealed and released for The Sims 4 with the first three being Bust The Dust, Country Kitchen and Throwback Fit Kits. Each offer a small amount of in game content whether that is throw gameplay, new objects in build/buy mode or new options in Create A Sim.

Since the first three Kits were launched the custom content and modding community have been hard at work creating even more Kits for players and this post is all about the Fashion Store Kit that has been created by Nando.

Nando is the creator of a number of Mods and Custom Content for The Sims 4 including the popular Romance In France, Trip To Egypt and Asian Adventures mod packs. As well as smaller Custom Content pieces.

You can find the previously mentioned mod packs and custom content here.

The Sims 4 Fashion Store Kit Features

  • Over twenty-five new items
  • Modular clothing racks with attachable clothing
  • New clothing and mirrors that will charge your Sims to change their outfit. Prices start at $200 but can be marked up to $400.
  • Clothing can be sold using the Get To Work Retail System
  • Animated changing room doors
  • Animated displays that can be modified in Live Mode
  • All items can be found by searching ‘Nando’ in the in game search bar
  • Requires the Get To Work expansion for full functionality but works with the standalone Base Game too.

After adding The Sims 4 Fashion Store Kit into my game, I was excited to jump in and check it out. I remember building countless stores back in The Sims 2 using the H&M Stuff Pack and a mixture of the other packs that I had. As I started to create my first store, I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I built a store of any type in The Sims 4 or used anything from the Get To Work expansion pack.

Putting my new fashion store together was really easy. I had over twenty-five new items to help me create the perfect layout. I found it tricky to figure out where to put everything but eventually, everything came together and even though I’m not the best at building, what I had created looked really good.

The modular clothing racks made it easy to display the different hanging clothes and showcase the different swatches that are available across the store. It also gave me options to showcase the pre-folded clothing on different surfaces too.

After opening my store, I was soon swarmed by a number of Sims who were eagerly snapping up the latest trends. I can definitely say I had lots of fun not only building my own store but also running it with my Sim.

While the majority of the Fashion Store Kit works well with The Sims 4 Base Game, owning The Sims 4 Get To Work allows you to have full functionality of the Kit by using the Get To Work Retail System. This was really interesting as I was able to set up advertising campaigns and set individual items for sale as well. IT was nice to rediscover some of the features from Get To Work that I had forgotten about.

While Kits are still a relatively new concept for The Sims 4, there are endless possibilities for smaller more niche pieces of content to be made and the Fashion Store Kit by Nando is no exception. If you are looking for a way for your Sims to get their hands on the latest trends then check out this Kit!

The Sims 4 Fashion Store Kit is out right now on Nando’s Patreon and there’s an additional second set planned after the public release of the Kit on 7th May 2021! 

To download The Sims 4 Fashion Store Kit by Nando by clicking here! You can also find Nando over on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.


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