Current Mods & Custom Content for The Sims 4

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to play The Sims 4 with any degree of mods and custom content. In fact, it’s been almost three years. The extent of my mods folder was mainly just MC Command Centre. Occasionally I would have one other smaller mod or a small handful of custom content, but honestly there wasn’t a lot. This was mainly due to the fact that my old PC set up just couldn’t handle the game plus the additional content as well as multiple mods and custom content on top of that too.

However, when I upgraded my PC and noticed how smoothly the game was now running. Even though it wasn’t perfect, it was a vast difference from before. I decided that it would be okay to jump back into the world of mods and custom content once again.

I feel that my mods’ folder will always be a work in progress, but that’s kind of what I love about it. The flexibility to swap and change things around that I have in game, as well as the vast amount of different pieces of custom content and mods that are available out there.

Custom Content

The current pieces of custom content that I have in my game are the Cozy Bathroom Kit & Plant Life Kit by Max20 and the Fashion Store Stuff Kit by Nando.

Kits are a fairly new concept from The Sims team, and custom content creators wasted no time in creating their own Kit themes. I’m still undecided if Kits are a good move or not, but I do love how they can focus on smaller and more niche themes that might be more specific to how you, as the player, plays The Sims 4.

I recently got the chance to review Nando’s Fashion Store Stuff Kit and loved it (you can check out the review here) and have been looking for more ‘Kit Style’ custom content to add to my game. This is how I stumbled across the Cozy Bathroom Kit and Plant Life Kit from Max20. Both of these Kits from Max20 have been wonderful additions to my game, and I’ve loved incorporating them into my current build.

I haven’t ventured into custom content for Create A Sim yet, but I plan to do so soon. As I haven’t been keeping up with creators for so long, I’ve loved rediscovering so many that I used to follow as well as discovering so many new creators. I’ve got a lot of links saved for future downloading but want to add things in slowly for now.


For the mods that I downloaded, I wanted to start with a mixture of mods that opened up gameplay and build mode. I tend to find myself building more than I do playing with my Sims but with adding the Slice of Life mod into my game, I’m hoping to explore and get back into gameplay more.

Each of the five mods that I’ve listed below are ones that are pretty much considered a must-have and also highly recommended by many players. I’m still learning a lot about each of them the more I play. They are all versatile and open up so many more possibilities in game, both for building and gameplay.

MC Command Centre by Deaderpool

UI Cheats Extensions by Weerbesu

T.O.O.L & Better Build Buy by TwistedMexi

Slice of Life (Base Mod + Packs) by KawaiiStacie

I’ve spent a sometime watching various tutorials and experimenting in my game when it comes to using T.O.O.L, and it’s been a huge learning to experience along the way. Ultimately, it is a lot of trial and error, but I’m slowly starting to get the hang of it. Not only that, there are still plenty of mods out there that I want to add into my game, but for now these feel like a good start.

I’m excited to be jumping back into and exploring the world of mods and custom content once again. Previously when I used to use both in my game I loved how I could make things more towards my play style. Whether that was through gameplay, storytelling or building. I used to use a lot of Alpha custom content and then swapped over to Maxis Match.

Regardless of what style of custom content you use or what mods you play with the most there is so much out there which has been created by so many incredibly talented. I can’t wait to explore and discover more creators and add their content into my game soon!

Do you play The Sims 4 with any mods or custom content? Let me know and if you have any recommendations too!


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