Blog Post Ideas: Video Games, Technology & More!

It can be difficult sometimes to think about what to write for your next blog post. Sometimes you can have so many ideas and a number of draft posts written up, but sometimes those posts don’t always seem ready to post. I think it is something that we all tend to struggle with from time to time.

When you find yourself looking for inspiration for something to write, it can be hard. I’ve found myself looking at countless blog post idea lists at times and even though many of them are filled with great ideas, I find that many are tailored towards more general lifestyle, home and beauty ideas. Of course, that can be somewhat challenging to write about and incorporating video games into it. 

However, I didn’t really find many blog post ideas or prompts for those who write about video games, technology or geek lifestyle. So I decided to come up with some ideas myself.

Below is a selection of ideas and prompts for video games, technology and geek lifestyle inspired blog posts. Whether those ideas spark another idea or you write about the prompt itself, it is entirely up to you! 

Video Games

  • How you got into video games
  • Your earliest gaming memory
  • Favourite gaming memory
  • The first video game you remember purchasing
  • Your latest video game purchase
  • First console you played
  • Favourite console/platform
  • Your console collection
  • Console Accessories that you recommend
  • Favourite franchise
  • Favourite character(s)
  • Favourite story 
  • Favourite game(s)
  • Favourite video game art style
  • Favourite video game music/sound tracks
  • Top underrated games
  • Top indie games
  • Games you are looking forward to
  • History of a game franchise
  • A look at the games in your collection/backlog
  • A game you played that you enjoyed more than you thought
  • A crossover you’d like to see
  • Favourite games of ‘X’ console/platform
  • Favourite people to watch on Twitch or YouTube
  • First Impressions of a game you’ve recently started playing
  • If you could create your own video game, what would it be like?
  • Game Review
  • Walkthroughs
  • Reaction post – to a new game trailer, news about a particular game or franchise
  • Discussion about your favourite or a particular video game genre
  • Discussion about, a hot topic within the video games community


  • Tech/Gadget Review
  • Upcoming technology you’re looking forward too
  • Discussion about mobile games you play or your most used apps on your phone/tablet

Geek Lifestyle

  • Geeky inspired items for the home
  • An overview of your Pop Vinyl collection/ones you’d love to get (or any other collectible figures)
  • Collect Pokémon Cards? Talk about some of your favourite cards/sets, your rarest card or most anticipated cards
  • Favourite video game/geek inspired merchandise that you own 

Movies & Television

  • Review/Overview of a movie or TV series you’ve been watching
  • Favourite Movies/TV Shows
  • Favourite actors/actresses


  • What you’ve been listening to lately 
  • Album Review
  • Concert Review
  • Favourite band/artist

Books, Comics and Graphic Novels

  • Favourite books, comics or graphic novels.
  • What you are reading at the moment
  • Reading recommendations


  • Monthly Round-up
  • Why you decided to start writing about video games/blogging
  • What apps/sites do you use to help with blogging
  • Convention/event overview, what you are looking forward to, a review of your day at the convention/event

I’ll aim to update this list from time to time with even more ideas, but here are fifty-two ideas to start with!

Let me know if you use any of these to inspire your own content and of course don’t forget to share your posts with me! 

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