Let’s Rewind: May

I honestly feel like May has just started but here we are at the end of the month once again. It’s been a funny month full of ups and downs overall, but ultimately I just kept rolling with it as best as I could.

Gaming wise, I haven’t really played a great deal this past month as I’ve been working on other things. I’ve spent a lot of time working on things for the blog behind the scenes as well as planning and thinking about upcoming content I’d like to work on. I also upgraded my PC as well. It’s been lovely revisiting some of my frequently played games and being able to see them run much smoother than before. I’ve still got a few things to upgrade at a later date, but they are not urgent upgrades.

New Pokémon Snap

Ahh, the nostalgia. I’ve got fond memories of playing the original when I was younger so when I heard that a new version was being made for Nintendo Switch, I knew I would be checking it out. I’ve really just been playing the same handful of areas over and over again to try and get as many pictures as possible but overall I’ve been having loads of fun playing. I’ve also not wanted to rush through the game as well, so it has been nice picking it up and relaxing with it in the evenings lately.


I decided to jump back in and have some fun with the Anniversary Event on Overwatch over the last few weeks here and there. I used to play Competitive Mode back when it first launched, and I can’t believe that it’s nearly up to Season Thirty! It’s been a while since I played in the ranked matches, but I’m usually playing in either Quick Play or one of the Arcade Mode. I’m a little rusty from where I haven’t played for a good six months or so, but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.


I’ve been looking forward to playing Biomutant for a while now that I actually forgot that it was coming out this month. I’ve only played a few hours so far but from what I’ve played I’ve been enjoying it. I don’t think I am far enough into the game to really give an opinion on the game as a whole, but I’ll be chipping away at the game over the next couple of weeks I’m sure.

June is looking to be another super busy month with Summer Games Festival, E3, Xbox Press Conferences and much more! Plenty of reveals and surprise are probably coming our way and I can’t wait. Not only that there’s still so many games to catch up with and check out that I won’t know if I’m coming or going! It’s going to be fun either way!

Let me know what games you’ve been playing lately and what you would like to see revealed during E3 and the Summer Games Festival!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Rewind: May

      1. 😂 😂 true. I am not getting anything done blog wise and have a backlog three country miles long but I might win a championship cup this year. 😂


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