E3 2021: Expectations and Speculation

With E3 2021 just around the corner, well it’s a matter of days in fact now. I’ve been thinking a little about what I’d hope to see revealed/announced at the event this year. There has already been plenty of speculation online as to what many people would like to see and as always there’s been a handful of rumours and leaks ahead of the livestreams too.

I jotted down a number of things on paper as to what I’d like to see, but here are five things I would like to see at this year’s E3!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild II

It’s been a little while since we’ve really heard anything about the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and with it being the franchise’s thirty-fifth anniversary I’m hoping we’ll see an update of some sort during Nintendo’s press event.

Halo Infinite

Anything related to Halo Infinite is good news. Be it more game play, a new trailer or even (fingers crossed) the release date for the game.  Any news is good news when it comes to Halo Infinite!

Splatoon 3

I can’t believe it’s been three months since Nintendo surprised us with the Splatoon 3 announcement trailer. It even made me jump back into Splatoon 2 again, and it reminded me just how chaotic and fun the Splatoon games are. While I’m not necessarily expecting a release date as such any update on development or a new trailer would be great!

Final Fantasy XVI

Be it more gameplay footage, development update, or more about when the next instalment of the Final Fantasy franchise is going to be released. Although it is unlikely that a PlayStation 4 version will be released, I’m excited to find out more about the game!

Nintendo Switch “Pro” Information

While I’m not expecting an official announcement as such, maybe just acknowledgement that a new, more updated Nintendo Switch console is being worked on. There’s been plenty of rumours lately that it’s due to be announced soon, but nothing has really come of what has been circulating social media.

There will plenty of news, information, reveals and announcements throughout the event and I possibly can’t list everything I’d love to see as there is just so much!

Let me know what you are looking forward to during E3 week and what you are hoping to be announced!


3 thoughts on “E3 2021: Expectations and Speculation

      1. It’s not looking hopeful for E3, unfortunately. I just read on the E3 Twitter that SEGA are part of the PC event rather than having their own show.


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