How Has It Been Four Years?

This week is a special week as this little blog celebrates its birthday! In fact, it is four years since I created this blog and I can definitely say it’s been one hell of an adventure. Seriously, how has it been four years?

The past year has been challenging for us all in varying ways and for me, having the option to dive into different video games and then writing about them as well as related topics has been an outlet I’m incredibly grateful for.

I really didn’t think this was something I would ever be able to stick with. There’s been times when I’ve just wanted to walk away from it all, but I’ve kept pushing through those moments where I’ve doubted myself and my content. In all honesty, this was down to my amazing friends and the continued support so many of you show me. I really can’t thank you enough!

The last few months however have been a real rollercoaster. I moved to a proper domain, pushed myself out of my comfort zone with content, took some chances, and threw my name out there for some great opportunities. While the hard work is far from over, I’m so happy with the progress I’ve been making with the blog.

Looking forward into the next year of blogging, well all I can really say is that I’m excited! I have lots of ideas for content, and I honestly can’t wait to share those in the coming months. There’s just so much I want to do and nowhere near enough time to do it all.

I’d like to also give a quick shout out to my lovely friend Elle, who has been supporting me and helping me with things behind the scenes recently. She has also been teaching me so much about myself and the world of blogging. Please take a look at her blog as she has some wonderful content and is an amazing writer also. You can find her blog here.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’m also sharing more fun community inspired content from The Sims Community recently. I’ve been having a blast writing this content alongside my blog content and there’s so much more on the way, especially with more new content being released next month too.

Thank you again to everyone for your continued support along the way on this blogging adventure. I honestly can’t put into words just how grateful I am for all of your support.

Krista x


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