Back At It Again

How many times have I done this now? Three, four, five, maybe even six times now? Either way, I’ve lost count, but I’ve jumped back into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, again.

Now you might be wondering why I’ve returned to the game again. The simple answer is that I’ve missed playing and with the Endwalker expansion coming soon, I wanted to get back into the game again ahead of its release.

The slightly longer answer is that during this last break from the game, I’ve felt like something was missing. Even though I’ve got plenty of other games to explore and jump into, there’s just something about my experience and the way I play Final Fantasy XIV that was different.  Not only that, many of my friends have recently returned or started playing (albeit on different servers) and seeing everyone get excited about the game I guess ultimately pulled me back in.

I spend more of my time levelling up my crafting skills and exploring than I do anything else at the moment. I’m not very good at doing any of the dungeons, raids or anything like that as I really lack confidence in the Jobs that I’m currently in. I find it hard to learn some of the rotations, and I haven’t really found a Job that I click with as such yet. Add in the breaks that I’ve taken due to injury earlier this year and this last one, it has a bit of an impact and I almost feel like a brand-new player again. I guess you could say that’s not a bad thing though if you are wanting to kind of “start over” in some respects.

I currently have the Arcanist job at level seven, so my plan is to work on levelling that up between now and when Endwalker is released as well as working on levelling up my Weaver, Fisher and Botanist skills. I think I still have a chunk of the Shadowbringers expansion storyline to complete, but I’m sure I can get that finished up in time to.

Either way I have plenty to keep me busy in game, and I’m excited to spend some time playing properly again as well as building up my confidence with the different Jobs again.

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