Review – Against The Current / FEVER

Against the Current was established in 2011 and hail from Poughkeepsie, New York. With several EP’s and two full studio albums, the band is back with their most recent release, Fever. Following on from their 2018 album, Past Lives, Fever is the first of two EPs the band are releasing, with the second, unnamed album coming later this year.

The seven track EP features the songs That Won’t Save Us, Weapon, Again&Again, Jump, Shatter, Burn It Down and Lullaby.

From the get go, you can feel that the band have stepped it up a level since their last album, Past Lives. The album overall has a heavier rock feel to it and that really brings Fever alive. You can really tell how much the band has grown since their last release.

The band have captured the raw emotion for the inspiration of each song and turned it into something amazing. Each song truly stands out on its own for its own reasons. I found myself being able to relate to each song in one way or another. Whether it was due to a memory that was triggered or that it related to something that I have personally been through in the past.

Starting back in November 2020 with That Won’t Save Us, the band gave us a glimpse of what they had been working on. Little did anyone know that this was just the start.

Fast-forward to March this year and the band dropped their second single, Weapon. Following on from That Won’t Save Us, the band continued that despite the challenges of the previous year, that they were back and mean’t business!

The third single that was released prior to Fever’s full release was Again&Again ft Guardin. Out of the three pre-release singles, this was definitely my favourite and the one that I felt I could relate to the most.

The most recent single and also the song that was released alongside the Fever EP was Jump. I’ll be honest, it took several listens to the track before I started to get into it properly, but it was easily becoming my new favourite song at this point.

Shatter, Burn It Down and Lullaby completed Fever with each song making their own stance on the EP. There was a mix of heavier songs, whereas songs like Shatter & Lullaby took a step back and slowed things down a bit, but still continued with that rock sound and vibe.

What Is Your Favourite Song From Fever?


What Song Surprised You The Most?

Burn It Down as it gave me In Our Bones vibes.

What Is Your Least Favourite Song From Fever?

I don’t have a song that I really dislike on the EP, I like all of them, but Shatter is the one that I don’t listen to the most.

Which Song Would You Say Sums Up Fever?

Weapon because it’s as though the band are saying we are here, we are back, hear us out!

Overall, I’ve had Fever on repeat multiple times since it was released, and I love each and every track on the EP. It does leave me curious as to how the second part of the EP is going to sound, but I guess for now I’ll just have to wait and see.

Against The Current’s EP Fever is out now and can be found on all major streaming platforms!

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