The Animal Crossing Diaries: It’s Been A Few Months + BLACKPINK Island Visit

Well, let’s just say, it has certainly been a little while since I last hopped onto either of my Animal Crossing Islands. In fact, the last time I did was probably around late April/early May.

So, now I’m sat here wondering if my Villagers are still going to like me or not. Have any moved out at all? Are my islands covered in weeds, more than likely, but here goes! Time to check on my Island’s.

First up, I visited the Island of Altissia. As I expected, my Island was a mess. There are items everywhere, weeds covering every available free space, and it just felt chaotic. I mean, serves me right for abandoning my island for so long! Nothing a couple of hours of tidying up can’t fix, though. My villagers on the other hand, while they were mad that it had been so long since I last played, they were happy to see me return once again. An added bonus was that I didn’t have anyone wanting to leave either!

I did manage to give my home a quick tidy as well, and I forgot I had some of the Sanrio items to use still, so it’s now looking a kind of cute for the time being.

I didn’t get around to visiting my other Island, as I discovered that my Nintendo Switch was flat and was in a desperate need of charging. I did however take a trip to the BLACKPINK In Your Area Island.

My first stop was finding some BLACKPINK inspired Animal Crossing designs to look the part! Luckily  there was plenty of custom designs to choose from. I opted for a BLACKPINK t-shirt and denim shorts combo for my trip to the Island.

After travelling to the Island via the Dream Address, I was ready to explore. Every single inch of the island was covered and reflected BLACKPINK’s journey over the past five years. From replica music video sets, to pop up shops, dining areas, The Show stage, a mini cinema and of course BLACKPINK house, there was plenty to discover.

I had a lot of fun running around the In Your Area Island that I couldn’t help but stop and take as many pictures as I possibly could. Being able to imagine that you were a part of some of the music video sets including Kill This Love and As If It’s Your Last as well as standing on the stage set up for The Show was great fun.

Here’s a little gallery of what I got up to when I visited the BLACKPINK island!

You can visit the BLACKPINK In Your Area Island via this Dream Address:  DA-3403-7703-9683.

What have you been up to in Animal Crossing New Horizons lately?


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