Let’s Talk About DokeV

Right, where do I start? This game was part of the recent Gamescom Opening Night Live and while there were so many brilliant game reveals and updates, there has been one game that well and truly caught my attention.

This game is DokeV! However, before I go into more detail about this game, take a look at the trailer first.

Now that you’ve watched the trailer for the first time or again since initially seeing it, you’ve probably got the song stuck in your head. I know I have, and it’s been like that for the past few days, although I’ll come back to the song a little later.

My first impressions when I saw the DokeV trailer during Opening Night Live was whoa this is beautiful and so cool! I had questions, so many questions in fact. I needed to know more about what was going, more about the game itself, the world, the Dokebi that were in the trailer, how you use the power of dreams and so much more. The world looked beautiful and fun to explore, it was vibrant and full of colour and sparkles. The Dokebi looked interesting, and the fighting style looked fun and easy to understand. Altogether everything looked awesome!

DokeV was originally revealed back in 2019 and was supposed to be an MMO game. While that is no longer the case, the game is now being described as an open-world action-adventure game aimed at the whole family. While as a player you will be searching and collecting creatures in a fun, colourful and vibrant world that is inspired by South Korea and Korean Culture.

In a recent YouTube video, the team behind the game went on to explain a little more about what DokeV is and what to expect.

Although there is no firm release date or confirmation as to what platforms, the game will be released on, I’m guessing that it is likely to be late 2022 or maybe even early 2023. I’m hoping that for now, the team will continue to share regular updates on how the game is progressing and just general news about the game.

From my own first impressions of DokeV of the gameplay trailer, the game looks promising and has the potential to be a great game for all the family and for anyone of any age, really. Lots of exploration and collecting numerous Dokebi along the way, but there are so many smaller details about the game that I notice each time I rewatch the trailer.

Now, before I round of this post, let’s talk about the trailer song. When I first heard it in the trailer, I thought that the artist sounded familiar. It seems that I wasn’t wrong, as many people have been saying that it sounds like ITZY’s Yuna. With multiple articles, Reddit posts and tweets saying the same. Now, the more I listened to the song, the more I would have to agree. GALACTIKA who created the song ROCKSTAR for DokeV has also worked with ITZY on some of their songs too.

While it is still unconfirmed it ITZY’s Yuna is the artist singing in the ROCKSTAR song, the song is still pretty catchy and easily gets stuck in your head.

I’m looking forward to jumping into the world of DokeV sometime in the future!

What do you think about DokeV? Let me know in the comments.


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