Let’s Rewind: September

At this point, I feel like a broken record when I say that the past month has flown by so fast. It really has. Even though it has gone by quickly, it’s been a great month. While I haven’t really done too much other than gaming and writing outside of work, I think I can say overall it’s been a productive month.

It has also been nice to hang out with my friends as well online, which is something I’ve missed lately, and the amount of laughs and random moments has been great. It’s something that I’ve really needed, lately.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

To summarize my recent experience of Fall Guys, I pretty much went to jump and then fell, was pushed by another player, dived off the edge of the platform or wasn’t paying attention properly. Either way, I’ve had a lot of fun playing Fall Guys recently. I’m slowly getting better with knowing each maps, but there are so many and still a number that I haven’t played on at all or very often, that sometimes they do take me by surprise. Slowly but surely I’ll get used to the maps and maybe one day I’ll finally get that winners crown!

You can read more about my return to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout here.

Final Fantasy XIV

I can’t say that my mission is to try and complete the Shadowbringers DLC before Endwalker is released in November is going too well at the moment. I keep getting side tracked by other things in game, and there’s been days when I’ve just logged in and chilled more than anything. However, that’s not a bad thing, there is still a good five/six weeks to go until Endwalker is released.

I’ve recently joined a new Free Company, and they’ve been absolutely lovely welcoming me to the family and helping me when I’ve had questions. Even though I’ve been playing the game for several years, I still feel like a brand-new player, most of the time. My new Free Company recently had a wedding that I was invited to, and it was such a wonderful ceremony in such a lovely place. I was also able to meet some other members of the Free Company as well. While I love playing Final Fantasy XIV it’s times like these that remind me why I love playing the game even more.

As September comes to an end, we are well and truly heading into my favourite times of the year. With Autumn now approaching, I can’t wait to dig out my cosy hoodies and spend my evenings snuggled up on the sofa playing games, watching movies and reading. Not only that, there are so many great game releases coming up too! Seriously, I don’t need to add to my ever-increasing backlog, but I’m looking forward to the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, Kena: Bridge of Spirits (physical edition), Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite and so many more!

What upcoming games are you looking forward to playing?


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