Throwback Thursday: The Long Dark

It’s been a long time since I shared a Throwback Thursday post but felt that this week it would be nice to do one. This one has been set in my drafts for far too long, and it just felt fitting to share it. So here is my complete unedited first impressions review of The Long Dark from July 2016!

For a game to be sat on my Steam Wish List normally means it has my attention, looks interesting and that I just need the money to buy the game. Yet with this game, not only has the game had my attention for a while, it also had me curious.

I’d seen a lot online about how this game was amazing, intriguing, and just to brave all and survive a few nights was an achievement in itself. Despite the fact the game is still early access with more promising new features coming in the future, the urge to survive has never been stronger.

The game in question is The Long Dark. The game it’s self will feature both a sandbox version of the game and a story mode. Story mode will be coming out when the game is released in full, but for now sandbox mode is fully playable and is constantly being updated.

But what is currently available to do in sandbox mode?

The game will not hold your hand. It is down to you to find out how to survive each and every day. Find the answer that you are looking for by leaving no stone unturned. To survive you have to keep checking your hunger, thirst and calorie count. One wrong move and that will lead to your death. There is no respawn either, only permadeath.

What helps you survive is by exploring over thirty square kilometres of somewhat creepy wilderness, with even more being added. You can currently explore the Mystery Lake, Costal Highway, Desolation Point and Pleasant Valley, all of which are interconnected. Each location also has loads of small locations within it to explore too. Of course, all of these locations are covered with items to help you survive as well as animals to hunt for food, harvestable items for crafting and much more.

The Long Dark is one of those game you will start playing and tell yourself that you will only play for an hour and then next thing you know it’s 3am. I love the constant challenge of surviving and crafting items as well as hoping to get to the next location before the dark sets in, as well as having to take risks in the hope that means I will survive longer. My best run is 9 and a half days before being killed. (just short of the 10-day achievement) The emotional roller coaster this game can take you on at times is truly terrifying, but then again it will give a few seconds to appreciate the surroundings before you find yourself running for your life from a bear.

If you like games where you have to make your own choices which reflect on if you survive another night or purely just love exploring vast wilderness and seeing what you can loot and craft, then this is a game you should consider. It is a real challenge at times, but that’s what makes you want to play more and more. If this is how the game makes you feel now, then think about what it will be like when the game is released in full!

It seems strange to look back on this post, as I remember being so excited to write my first impressions about my experience. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really played the game since. I’ve had a look at the updates on Steam as well as the content that’s been shared on the Hinterland YouTube channel, and it looks like so much has been added. I’ll definitely be adding this to my “to-play” list so that I can check the game out again for the first time in a few years!


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