Let’s Talk: Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0

It has been about a week now since the Animal Crossing New Horizons update landed, and it has been a whirlwind of a week!

After the update was released early, I managed to jump in for a little before heading off to work before diving back in again later that day. I had no idea where I wanted to start. I still hadn’t finished clearing my island of additional flowers or weeds and for a moment, with what I had left to do plus the new content, I felt really overwhelmed.

Eventually I had a bit of a plan and slowly made my way through my current Island to-do list and the new content. I quickly came to the realization that Bells were going to be a slight issue. With only several thousand in my pocket and nothing in my savings, I had a lot of work to do. Not only did I still need to pay off my house loan to Tom Nook, I now needed approximately seven hundred thousand Bells for Harv’s Island and the next amenities there.

Ignoring that for the time being, I focused on trying to find Brewster, however I messed up the first time. Instead of talking to Blather’s and giving him a little donation, I headed straight out on Kappn’s Island Tours. Crisis averted as I managed to sort out finding Brewster the next day.

Now that The Roost was here, and I had managed to clear a big chunk of the out of control flowers so overall good progress so far.

My next mission was obtaining more Bells. I spent probably too many hours swimming around the sea, diving, and collecting a variety of Sea Creatures, Fishing and selling anything and everything I could on my Island. I paid off my previous house loan and have started towards my next one, paid off one of my ramps I forgot I was building and started saving up for Harv’s Island. It’s going to be awhile before I have everyone unlocked on Harv’s Island, but that’s okay.

For the time being, I’m focusing mainly on trying to save up Bells as much as I can before I do any big moves or anything like that. I would like to possibly move my Museum at some point, but it’s okay where it is for now.

Now, one aspect of the new update I have really been having fun with is the new Camera Modes! I love taking in-game screenshots generally and it has been so much fun capturing random moments, my Villagers and general island life!

I have to say the fish eye lens is one of the more random and unexpected additions but also very funny at the same time!

As for Happy Home Paradise, I still haven’t started it yet. I’ve been so side tracked with everything else that I just haven’t got around to starting the DLC. However, I’m planning on taking a look at it over the weekend. I’m quite excited as I loved Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer a lot and what was shown in the Direct for Happy Home Paradise look good fun!

With the launch of the new update and Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise, the Series 5 Amiibo Cards were also released. These were so difficult to get hold of for various reasons. It was either the price was far too high, delivery costs didn’t make it worthwhile, or they had just sold out.

After browsing through GAME UK’s site last Friday morning for something unrelated to Animal Crossing, I thought I’d have a little look at the cards. To my surprise, I discovered you could click and reserve the cards. I was lucky enough to get two packs this way and upon collecting them I discovered my local store only had five packs sent in all together. My local GAME store is one that’s within a Sports Direct but also only just recently opened, so it’s not very well known at the moment either. I also managed to strike lucky and pick up a pack from the Nintendo UK Store before the site crashed.

In the two Amiibo packs that I have at the moment I received Kicks and Daisy Mae as my NPC cards followed by Ace, Dom, Judy and Faith as my villager cards. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have any real expectations or cards that I wanted to pull from the packs, so I was going in a little blind if I’m honest. Either way, I’m happy with them!

The latest update has definitely refreshed the game and made me want to get more involved again in island life!

How have you been finding the new Animal Crossing New Horizons update and expansion?


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