Let’s Rewind: December 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas!

It seems somewhat strange that in around twenty-four hours, many of us will be welcoming in a New Year. It has been one hell of a roller coaster year, too! While I’ve talked a bit about this in my previous blog post, Snapshot Reflections, I’m going to jump straight in and  stick with my usual theme of looking back at what I’ve been playing over this last month.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really played a great deal other than swapping the same two games, really. Between trying to fit everything in during the run-up to Christmas, I just felt it would be easier to keep swapping between these two along with a dash of The Sims 4 here and there.

Final Fantasy XIV

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve jumped back into Final Fantasy XIV at this point, however, I think that is just my play style for the game at this point.

I’ve mainly been levelling up my crafting classes, my Bard ready for when I start the Endwalker main story quests, and also trying my hand at the new Reaper and Sage classes. Realistically, I’m in no rush to work through the Endwalker story just yet, although it will be something I’ll be starting shortly I’m sure.

One thing I want to work on within the game is working on becoming more confident in a couple of classes so that I can get over my slight fear of taking part in dungeons and raids with other players. This is something I’ve always struggled with in the game, but now that I am in a new Free Company with a number of supportive people, I’m hoping they’ll be able to help me and give me some tips once we’ve all got some time in the new year. I’m actually looking forward to doing this but still somewhat nervous too.

Animal Crossing New Horizons & Happy Home Paradise

After a few long and stressful days, I couldn’t help but hop onto my island and escape real life for a little. Just going about what I wanted to at my own speed with nothing else to really worry about was lovely. I’ve managed to just about tidy up my island of weeds, saved up a little more money and even started designing some homes in Happy Home Paradise. I didn’t really have anything set out when I started playing, I guess you could say that I just went with the flow of things. It was nice as it gave me the time to relax which was exactly what I needed at the time.

With that being said, that was pretty much a very streamlined version of what I got up to in December. I will be sharing my favourite games of 2021, games I’m looking forward to in 2022 and more during January!

Ultimately, with the New Year approaching very quickly now, I’m looking forward to what lays ahead in the gaming world. There are already a number of games I’m looking forward to, that are releasing in the first part of the year, and I’m sure many more to be announced yet during the course of the year too!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and have fun with however you plan to spend it!


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