My Current Top Five Songs

I was sat taking some time to work on some content ideas, listening to Spotify, when I suddenly had an idea for a fun little post. I spend a large chunk of my day listening to music it, be it on my way to or from work, in the morning when I’m getting ready for the day or when I’m drifting off to sleep. Depending on what I’m doing usually depends on what I’m listening to. The majority of the time it will be a random playlist of sorts, but it got me thinking about what my favourite songs are at the moment.

Wildfire – Against the Current x LEC

While the song was only released a few days ago, it’s been stuck on repeat since. Everything about this song I love. The music video concept, the lyrics, the music, the meaning behind the song, absolutely everything. After the release of their EP Fever last year, I’ve been excited to see what the band get up to this year, and Wildfire has really set the bar for this year.

What I also love about Wildfire is that there are two versions. The version that is in the music video below that features Vedius and Drakos and is part of the Spring Promotions for LEC whereas the alternative version is purely just Against The Current. While ultimately the songs are the same, both versions are incredible!


This song popped up on shuffle one day recently and whereas before I would just enjoy it and listen to it, there was something about this time when I listened to it that hit differently. I’m not too sure why, but I guess I was just enjoying it at the moment and how it was just a much slower pace to some of the other songs I had been listening too.

WA DA DA – Kep1er

This song is just super catchy and one that has been stuck in my head for days. Kep1er are the girl group who were formed from the survival show Girls Planet 999 that was held last year. In all honesty, I had kind of forgotten about Kep1er but was excited to listen to their mini-album after listening to WA DA DA.

Pump It (Acoustic) – Eskimo Callboy

Eskimo Callboy are actually a recent discovery via my boyfriend. After an evening of video hopping on YouTube, we came across a handful of their songs on our playlist. As well as the standard version of Pump It, Hypa Hypa and We Got The Moves. After listening to each of the songs for the first time, they were added straight onto my playlist. They always get me hyped up and the msuic videos are brilliant too!

The acoustic live version of Pump It is a beautiful in comparison to the standard version of the song too!


The last song that I’ve been loving a lot lately is Karate by BABYMETAL. It’s been one of those songs that has grown on me over time and with the more recent releases of live versions of the song, it has just been one of those songs that I’ve gone back to multiple times, listening to the various versions and just always smiling whenever I listen to it.

Bonus: We Don’t Talk About Bruno – Encanto Soundtrack

We don’t talk about Bruno. 

What are some of your favourite songs or artists that you’ve been listening to lately?


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