Let’s Rewind: January

As we all know, January seems to always last an eternity, and this year is no different. Now, while I’d love to sit here and write a somewhat normal monthly round up, this past month has been anything but that. Real life had to be put first for a few days, which ultimately left me spending about a week just focusing on getting through each day. To then top that all off, I only went and injured my arm, which has temporarily put me out of playing most games for a few weeks.

While this might is a bit of a more random round up, here is the January round up!

Final Fantasy XIV

I did manage to play some Final Fantasy XIV and the new All Saints Wake limited time event, which I honestly loved playing through. I actually need to go back and try and get the last few tokens so that I can get the last part of the event outfit, although if I don’t manage to do, so I’ve got the main parts of it and that’s okay.

The Sims 4

Finally, I convinced myself to start the Not So Berry Challenge. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a little while, I just never got around to doing so. While I’m still pretty early on in the challenge itself, I’m going to be sharing my progress when I can play again over on my Tumblr.


A friend at work actually suggested that I check out Hearthstone since I’m limited on what I can do at the moment. It was mainly more that I could easily pick the game up on mobile and not have to worry about straining my injured arm as much for the time being. I’ve played a little here and there, but I’m now starting to get a hang of what I’m supposed to be doing. It might not be quite right, but it’s been fun learning a new game as well as what the different cards do and when it’s best to play them.

While I haven’t played many games this month, I am hoping to be able to take a look at Pokémon Legends Arceus although a proper play through will have to wait for the time being.

With a bit more time on my hands, I’ve visited my local Odeon and caught up with the latest films including Spider-Man No Way Home, Ghostbusters Afterlife and Matrix Resurrection. All of which were brilliant movies, so much so that I went back and saw Spider-Man No Way Home for a second time! I’ve also started reading The Creative Gene by Hideo Kojima as well and so far it’s been a pretty interesting read, however I’ll be keeping my overall thoughts on the book for later once I’ve finished reading it.

Before I round up this slightly abnormal monthly round-up, I want to share a couple of songs that I’ve been loving lately.

The first artist I’ve talked about a few times on the blog, but I’ve been loving Against The Current’s latest song, Wildfire! There are actually two versions of the song, one of which is just the band and another that features LEC.

The second song comes from the K-pop artist YENA, formerly of IZ*ONE. Her debut solo single, SMILEY, has been stuck in my head since I first heard it and I can’t see that changing for a while!

Let me know what you’ve been playing this month and what games you’re looking forward to playing in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Rewind: January

    1. I’ve actually paused my FFXIV subscription for the time being until I can properly play again. Sucks as I’ve really been wanting to play again lately. Pokémon has been great fun, I’ve managed to play a little over an hour myself, but hopefully I can play a little more again soon.


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