The Return of LeeksPlays!

Well, what can I say? This past year has been one hell of a year for various reasons which resulted in taking a break from writing. While I’m not here to focus on that as such, I have been getting the urge to return to my little corner of the internet. I kept finding myself thinking about wanting to get back into writing but I wasn’t sure where to start, or what I wanted to write about. Do I revamp my blog? Do I just carry on from where I last left the site or just start with a nice little post like this?

I originally started writing this post in mid-December, but after getting caught up in the festive seasons with work, I somewhat forgot to come back and finish writing this until now.

So, what have I been up to while I haven’t been writing?

The simple answer would be just taking each day as it comes. There were moments where I honestly didn’t know if I was coming or going however things are settling down more to a degree.

I’ve continued to hop from game to game, across countless platforms but always found myself returning to my Nintendo Switch. Those of you who have followed me for some time will know I’m terrible for swapping from game to game so much only to forget to go back and finish the original one.

Currently, I’m very much into playing Final Fantasy XIV again and finally progressing through the Endwalker expansion at long last! I’m actually really happy with the progress I’ve been making in-game recently and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes. Let’s hope I stick with it this time!

Music has played a huge part in the past twelve months. I’ve discovered more songs I love, artists and groups that are now my favourites, and rediscovered some music that I’d forgotten about. Of course, there’s still a big portion of my music listening focused around K-Pop but I’ve also found myself returning to more rock and metal as well. I even bought my first physical K-Pop album earlier this year which was I Never Die by G I-DLE. I’ve since added Between 1 & 2 and Formula of Love: O+T=<3 by Twice as well as Apocalypse: Save Us by Dreamcatcher and ANTIFRAGILE by LE SSERAFIM. I may expand the collection this year but I’m not too sure yet.

Currently, I’ve been loving No Celestial by LE SSERAFIM and it has been on repeat for some time!

Through the last year, I also discovered my love for LEGO! This came totally out of the blue and all started with a LEGO Groot set back in the Summer. Slowly but surely the collection has been growing. It’s been brilliant fun rediscovering LEGO and feeling nostalgic at the same time.

But Krista, did you do any writing at all during your break?

Simply yes! I continue to create content over on Sims Community and will be doing so going forward this year. As well as writing I’ve also been developing and improving my skills and knowledge in SEO, post creation, and more which has been fun and interesting too!

What about the future of LeeksPlays?

Leeksplays is here to stay of course! I’m still in the process of figuring out if I’m going to stick with the same kind of content and schedule as before or if I want to take a different approach. Either way, I’m still going to be focusing on the same themes as I did previously including gaming, technology, music, and more! That I can assure you won’t change for the time being.

As I round off this post, it does feel a little weird writing a blog post as it has been so long. I’m hoping this will be the first of many for twenty-twenty-three too!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and that this year is everything you want it to be!



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