First Impressions: Let’s Build A Zoo

Publisher: Springloaded Developer: No More Robots Release: 5th November 2021 Platform: Steam/PC Disclaimer: Thank you to the team behind Let's Build A Zoo, who kindly provided me with a code for the game. Let's Build a Zoo is the cute and adorable zoo management simulation game from Springloaded and No More Robots, which is launching … Continue reading First Impressions: Let’s Build A Zoo


First Impressions: Watch Dogs Legion

I've had a bit of a mixed ride with the Watch Dogs games in the past. While I loved playing through the first two games, I eventually took a break from both a few months before returning to try and complete more. I wouldn't say it was due to being frustrated with the game but … Continue reading First Impressions: Watch Dogs Legion

First Impressions: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

You may have seen over the last week or so a game called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout bouncing around the internet. After seeing a handful of tweets I decided to find out more about the game. To my surprise, the game was to be released fairly soon and also was part of the August PlayStation … Continue reading First Impressions: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

First Impressions: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Like many people over the past few days, I've been playing a fair amount of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Many people have said that the game's release has been perfect timing considering what many of us are experiencing at the moment. I've played several of the previous Animal Crossing games including Wild World, New Leaf … Continue reading First Impressions: Animal Crossing New Horizons

First Impressions: Death Stranding

When Death Stranding was first revealed, I was curious to find out more but at the same time, I didn't feel like it was a game I would like. I had a small bit of experience of previous Hideo Kojima games in the form of Metal Gear Solid but not in much detail. After some … Continue reading First Impressions: Death Stranding