Franchise Friday: What was that Crash?

I've gone back to my roots in today's Franchise Friday post. I found myself struggling to create something around this July's chosen franchise. I kept going over and over it and finding that I just wasn't getting anywhere. Then everything started to come together. Today is all about Crash Bandicoot and rage quitting! The first … Continue reading Franchise Friday: What was that Crash?


Franchise Friday: Discovering Sanctuary

The first time I knew anything about the Kingdom Hearts franchise was when I came across the song Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts II on YouTube. Little did I know just what to expect when I went to find out more about Kingdom Hearts. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised and excited to find out more about … Continue reading Franchise Friday: Discovering Sanctuary

Franchise Friday: Becoming Mayor

Ever since I was younger, I remember spending so much time watching my parents play a variety of different city building/city simulation games. One of my earliest memories has to have been of my Dad playing the game A-train. While A-Train was primarily focusing on train transportation rather than city building its-self it was my … Continue reading Franchise Friday: Becoming Mayor

Franchise Friday: Where It All Began

It all started when I was browsing the video games display in my local Smyths Toy Stores. I was there for a totally unrelated reason but there was one game that caught my eye. Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One. The only Final Fantasy game that I had played previously was a demo of a … Continue reading Franchise Friday: Where It All Began

Franchise Friday: The Journey of a Tomb Raider

My earliest memory of the Tomb Raider franchise has to be when my Dad used to play Tomb Raider II on PC and I use to sit and watch him play. I was still fairly young so I didn't fully understand what was happening in the game. One memory that I do have is how … Continue reading Franchise Friday: The Journey of a Tomb Raider