Game Review: PowerWash Simulator Demo

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your phone at silly o'clock in the morning when really you should be sleeping? Well, a few nights ago this was me. With the wind howling and rain pouring, I found myself awake later than I planned. I decided to have a quick scroll through Twitter and came … Continue reading Game Review: PowerWash Simulator Demo

Mobile Game Review: Idle Coffee Corp

I was browsing through the Google Play Store a few days looking for a new mobile game to play. I wasn't looking for anything specific other than one that is pretty easy to jump straight in and play as well as being easy to pick up and put down as much or as little as … Continue reading Mobile Game Review: Idle Coffee Corp

Mobile Game Review: Vedah

It's time for another mobile game review. This time it is for a lovely little game called Vedah. Vedah is described as a casual mobile game boasting simple and straightforward gameplay partnered with a lovely artistic design. The game was released for both Apple and Android devices back in the Summer of 2018 and is … Continue reading Mobile Game Review: Vedah

Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

As I was sorting through my games the other day I came across Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer.  The game was announced in a Nintendo Direct back in April 2015. Despite being a fan of the Animal Crossing franchise I was still very much on the fence about getting it. I picked the game up … Continue reading Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer