Let’s Rewind: August

Can you believe that it is already September? This year has been flying by so quickly. This time of year is my favourite for a number of reasons. I love the Autumn weather, Halloween is coming up, cosy jumpers and snuggling up on the sofa with a good old movie. It's also the time of … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: August


Let’s Talk About DokeV

Right, where do I start? This game was part of the recent Gamescom Opening Night Live and while there were so many brilliant game reveals and updates, there has been one game that well and truly caught my attention. This game is DokeV! However, before I go into more detail about this game, take a … Continue reading Let’s Talk About DokeV

Game Review: Stories of Mara (Chapter One)

I recently had the opportunity to take a look at the first chapter of the brand-new Stories of Mara game from Chibig Studio. You may recognize the name as they are the same team who are behind the games Summer in Mara, Deiland: Pocket Planet and the upcoming Ankora: Lost Days. "Mara is the ocean … Continue reading Game Review: Stories of Mara (Chapter One)

Emotional Soundwaves | Gaming Soundtrack Collab with EllexMay

It seems like forever ago that my lovely friend Elle and I sat down and decided that we wanted to do a blog collab of some sorts, but we just weren't too sure what we wanted to write about.  After countless conversations and exploring a number of different ideas, we ended up on a topic … Continue reading Emotional Soundwaves | Gaming Soundtrack Collab with EllexMay