Let’s Rewind: August

I'm going to jump straight to it in this months Let's Rewind as let's be honest, we all know I've pretty much been swapping between Final Fantasy XIV and Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout when I've had any time spare! Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout This game has taken the world by storm and rightly so! Full … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: August

Let’s Rewind: July

When I sat down and wrote June's Let's Rewind post, I remember saying that I wasn't too sure where July would take me. Personally, I've found July quite a challenging month but I've found taking time to play games more relaxing than normal. I've also found myself diving into the world of video game books. … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: July

Let’s Rewind: May

With all things considered, I can honestly say that May seems to have flown by far too quickly. I will be honest, this past month I've found it hard to get stuck into a game properly.  While I have sat down and played some games to help relax after a busy day at work, I've … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: May