Let’s Rewind: May

With all things considered, I can honestly say that May seems to have flown by far too quickly. I will be honest, this past month I've found it hard to get stuck into a game properly.  While I have sat down and played some games to help relax after a busy day at work, I've … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: May

Let’s Rewind: April

April has continued to be a very peculiar month but some aspects seem to feel a little more normal than before. Ultimately, I've been taking each day as it comes and tried to stay productive and positive as best as I can which has been helping keep things a little bit normal. I'll be honest … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: April

Let’s Rewind: March

March has been a peculiar month for a number of reasons. What started off as a month celebrating family birthdays and achievements turned into a somewhat surreal moment in time for many of us across the world.  Despite what has been happening, I've been doing my best to stay positive and busy while at home. … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: March

Let’s Rewind: February

February has been a rather interesting month for a number of reasons. Firstly I moved from LeeksEverywhere over to LeeksPlays across the blog and my social media profiles. It was somewhat a spur of the moment decision but it felt right at the same time. There have been some personal challenges throughout the month as … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: February