Snapshot Reflections

I'll be honest, this last year has been just as weird and unpredictable as the year before. Full of ups and downs, plenty of adventures and challenges, but it has definitely been a fun and interesting year over all. Having spent the last couple of weeks trying to survive in the retail Christmas rush, fitting … Continue reading Snapshot Reflections


My Spotify Wrapped: 2021 Edition

Spotify recently released this year's Wrapped statistics for everyone, and as always I was pleasantly surprised by mine. This past year, I've been listening to a variety of different genres and even sub-genres. Found a love for LoFi and Chill Beats, which have been a blessing when it comes to taking time to relax and … Continue reading My Spotify Wrapped: 2021 Edition

Blog Post Ideas: Video Games, Technology & More!

It can be difficult sometimes to think about what to write for your next blog post. Sometimes you can have so many ideas and a number of draft posts written up, but sometimes those posts don't always seem ready to post. I think it is something that we all tend to struggle with from time … Continue reading Blog Post Ideas: Video Games, Technology & More!

The Sunshine Blogger Award: Honest Gamer Edition

A few weeks ago Stephen from Honest Gamer tagged me in their Sunshine Blogger Award Post. Thank you so much for nominating me I can't wait to share my answers to your questions. I always enjoy doing these types of posts as the questions always get you thinking out of the box a bit and … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award: Honest Gamer Edition