Mini Movie Review: Encanto

I don't tend to talk about many movies or televisions shows on my blog however, this weekend, I finally found the time to sit down and watch the latest Disney movie, Encanto. I've heard and seen so many people talk about this movie recently and how blown away they have been by the story as … Continue reading Mini Movie Review: Encanto


What’s On My Netflix Watch List?

This year, especially these last few weeks I've added so many new films, television shows, and documentaries to my Netflix watch list. I had been making some slow and steady progress with watching everything I had previously added but with my list continuing to grow more and more almost every day, I can no longer … Continue reading What’s On My Netflix Watch List?

Five Movies I’m Looking Forward To This Year

When I saw Avengers Endgame the other day it was the first time I had actually visited my local Cineworld in months. This was down to purely just not having the time to go because of work commitments. It did, however, get me thinking about some of the upcoming movies that are being released throughout … Continue reading Five Movies I’m Looking Forward To This Year